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The children enjoyed trying new foods for the Black History Month Lunch.

During Happy Feet, Healthy Heart week the children travelled sustainably by walking, scooting or cycling to school. Each child was given their own ' Active Travel Passport' and on each day that they travelled actively they were rewarded with a stamp. By the end of the week, the children with 5 stamps on their passport were rewarded with a walk to school badge!

The children learnt about the importance of being bright and being seen on the roads. Each child created their own bright badge with important messages about road safety.

To celebrate Happy Feet, Healthy Heart Week, the children enjoyed a travel themed lunch. Pupils had the opportunity to discuss what sustainable travel is and why they think it is important. Chartwell's made yummy traffic light fruit salads and cookies and even dressed up in traffic lights colours!

Reception, Year1 and Year 2 participated in scootability during Happy Feet, Healthy Heart Week. The sessions were designed to build pupils' confidence and stability on their scooters whilst teaching them an awareness of others when scooting on the pavement. Through fun games and exercises the children learnt to control their scooters and spot hazards.