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Pupil Voice

School Council

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School Council

The School Council are chosen by the class. Once they are chosen they attend meetings each half term, discuss ideas to improve the school with others, discuss issues with the rest of their class and report back on their thoughts and ideas. They represent the school and they are role models to others. They play a very important role within the school and are encouraged to make a difference so that the school is made better.

Learning Council

Learning Council 1
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Learning Council 3
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Learning Council 8
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Learning Council 10

Learning Council

The Learning Council is a very successful way of ensuring that there is a strong Pupil Voice when it comes to how pupils perceive learning should operate at our school. In the past three years, the Council members have made significant contributions to the development of learning for all pupils in the school. Learning Councillors are able to support the development of learning and act as ambassadors for our school. The Learning Council is made up of pupils representing their class and they focus on supporting the school’s Senior Leadership Team in improving the quality of learning even further at Newton Farm School.

Playground Pals

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Playground Pals

Playground Pals are a voluntary peer group of Junior School Children, who were selected according to their excellent behaviour and work.  They have been trained to support children in the Infant School during their lunchtime breaks.

They patiently work very hard to teach the Infant School children safe play, help and teach and promote self-confidence, assist in resolving conflicts between the younger children as well as teaching the children new games.

Eco Council

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Eco Council 14


As a school, our aim is to promote eco-friendly classrooms and environments. To do this, each class has appointed an ‘eco-monitor’, which forms an eco-council.


The role of the eco-monitor is to ensure that recycling is being promoted at every opportunity and the correct items are being recycled in each class, water is being saved and not wasted and that lights are being turned off when not needed to save electricity. Along with this, we would like to promote a clean and tidy school environment, ensuring there is no litter throughout the school.

Lunchtime Patrol

Lunchtime Patrol 1
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Lunchtime Patrol 25
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Lunchtime Patrol 27
Lunchtime Patrol 28
Lunchtime Patrol 29
Lunchtime Patrol 30

Lunchtime Patrol

This group of children assist in the hall at lunchtimes.