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Role of Excellence


Alicia for great improvement in reading

Kayan - for always following instructions and a great attitude to learning.


This week Year 1 went for our Autumn walk which was great fun. The children learnt to observe as scientists. We found chestnuts and mushrooms and learnt why leaves change colour in Autumn.

Role of Excellence:

Sienna: A great attitude to learning

Viaan: Settling down really well at Newton Farm

We used our drama skills to role play ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. The children then performed in front of the class in their groups.

 Role of Excellence:

Irhaa: for getting all her spellings correct.

Scarlet: Great reading and comprehension.

This half term we have been looking at 'Materials'. We investigated which material is best to make a spoon: paper, plastic or metal.

Role of Excellence:

Heer: for being better focused this week.

Hannah: Always listening to instructions and doing the right thing.


Last week we had a special guest who came to our class and told us all about how Hindus and their beliefs. She showed us how to put on a saree.