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Roll of Excellence


Caption: Amaan from Y6 Maple has put amazing effort into creating a working lift.

Anika from Y6 Maple has worked hard to create a circuit board which flashes different colours of LED lights depending on the switch board.


The kids did a science experiment on refraction using water filled glass. The drawing of a smiley face disappears, Kind regards,

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What did we do in class today? In today’s lesson we learnt about refraction of light in science and we also did two experiments to demonstrate how refraction works. Both of which were different. One was about how it magnifies at the side of the water, the second was about how the rays of light work and refraction makes the light ray slightly bent and appears to be a bit broken too.

Students in Year 6 created models as part of their half term project which demonstrate their understanding of electricity, a topic which they had learnt in science. Many of them were models of transport and lighthouses.

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We had to take a picture of ourselves on our chrome books and we had to copy it to our art books. We then had to add shading and make it look realistic. We used lines to measure out how big our mouth, eyes and nose should be. We used a sketching pencil to make our hair look real.