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Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body
What is it?
All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to represent the school community.


The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the Local Authority. Whilst the Headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved with such things as staffing, curriculum and standards, school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives.


Membership of the Governing Body includes parents, teaching staff and representatives from the local community and the Local Authority. Newton Farm Governing Bodymeets twice each term; additionally, there are sub-committees and working parties which meet during each term:
  • Finance
  • Staffing
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Premises


Message from the Chair of Governors
On behalf of the Board of Governors, I welcome this opportunity to briefly introduce you to the work the Governing Body undertakes to ensure that your child(ren) will receive the very best primary school education.


The Governing Body has a range of powers, legal obligations and duties laid down by various Education Acts. In the main, these responsibilities relate to:
·         Setting targets and promoting high standards of educational achievement
·         Setting the strategic framework within which the school operates
·         Management of the school’s delegated budget
·         Ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based


Governors discharge the above responsibilities, together with many others, through a Governing Body meeting each term. These formal meetings are supplemented by a series of sub committee and working party meetings dealing with more specific issues. A number of governors also have responsibilities for specific issues within the school such as literacy, maths and inclusion.


Governors adopt, review and monitor a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including Health and Safety, Behaviour, Curriculum and Performance Management.


We believe Newton Farm and its Governing Body draws a unique strength from its size, fostering a close knit family atmosphere where staff, pupils, parents and Governors work together to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.


The Governing Body is, therefore, rightly proud of the achievements of the school, not only in terms of high academic results, but also in the solid foundations it provides in preparing all our pupils for the remainder of their formative education.

Julian Green – Chair of Governors

I have been a Governor at Newton Farm since September 2016. In the short time that I have been working with the School, we have had a period of intense change. We are exiting this phase with a new Head Teacher, Senior Leadership Team and a Staff of truly outstanding teachers.

As a Governor, I am grateful to the previous generation of Staff and Governors, who have established Newton Farm School as a beacon of excellence, within Harrow and nationally. Our challenge is to build on those strong foundations.

My own experience in the realms of Business and IT, adds to the mix of talents on the Governing body.

 In my private life, I am committed to a lifetime of volunteer service to the community in a range of different activities. I am committed to showing our children, by example, the importance of giving of ourselves for the common good and the satisfaction they can derive from helping others.

The Head Teacher, the Staff and the Governors all work as a team to ensure that the school’s performance continues to improve. We are united in the aim of providing our children with a safe and stimulating environment for their formative years so that they can develop their own abilities to become independent learners and responsible members of society.  

The Governing Body and individual Governors ensure that all Staff are valued and given opportunities to develop so that they are able to achieve their own full potential.

We encourage all the School’s stakeholders, Staff, Parents and Pupils to engage with us so that together we can ensure that Newton Farm School goes from strength to strength.

The Chair of Governors can be reached at the following email:

Term of office: Sep 2019-Dec 2022 - Appointed by: Governing Body - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

Mr Appleby – Parent Governor

I am currently administrative head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at SOAS University of London and previously administrative & curriculum lead for PGCE teacher training and Drama Education programmes at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama for many years. In addition to this, I am an Adjunct Lecturer in English & Theatre Studies at Pepperdine University’s London Centre.

I am a strong believer in the transformative power of education and have committed my career to facilitating this in Higher Education. I believe that I will be able to bring this experience and knowledge to the role of Parent Governor at Newton Farm and to contribute to the development of the school as a place where children of all backgrounds and educational attainment thrive and to be a warm and inclusive school community. I believe I have the skills, experience and passion to bring value to the role and to help Newton Farm develop, grow and face future challenges.

Term of office: Feb 2021-December 2022 - Appointed by: Governing body - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None


Hayah Choudhry - Local Authority Governor

I currently work as an in-house Legal Corporate Counsel in the Financial Services industry, involved in all legal affairs related to drafting, negotiating and implementing corporate governance and business-to-business contracts. Becoming a parent inspired me to look for opportunities to participate in the education sector and I am very lucky to have found a way to contribute to the system by becoming a school governor.  I migrated to the UK as a teenager from Karachi, Pakistan and settled into a very different and socially challenging schooling environment in the UK, where I completed my tertiary education and legal studies. I believe this experience puts me in a unique position to offer a different perspective on how a school, the staff and its stakeholders can enhance the schooling experience for each child. It is in my opinion vital, that we work towards a truly inclusive environment which nurtures the diverse experience of each child and works for all levels of ability, by focussing on learning goals and praising effort rather than a fixed mind-set. I can help convey this vision by highlighting the commitment, focus and determination required to succeed within the legal profession. I am excited to be part of Newton Farm’s Governing Body and contribute to the continued success of the School by supporting the Staff, students and the parents.

Term of office: Sep 2018-Sep 2022 - Appointed by: Local Authority - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

Mr Bradley – Headteacher

I was appointed as Head teacher at Newton Farm school in September 2017. Prior to this (with the exception of a brief hiatus where I served as a Deputy Head teacher in a school in Westminster) I worked as a teacher in Newton Farm school for six years, during which time I grew to admire and respect the thriving community both in and around the school. I am thrilled to return to Newton Farm, a school which means so much to me, in the role of Head teacher, and look forward to working with the Pupils, Staff, Governors and Parents to ensure that the high standards that we have always enjoyed at Newton Farm are maintained well into the future.

Term of office: Sep 2017- Present - Appointed by: Governing Body - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

Sandra Silva - Staff Governor

I have worked at Newton Farm since September 2019. I am currently teaching year 4. I have a real passion for education and working in Newton Farm has helped me evolve and became an even better teacher. I am determined to make a positive impact on the progress of pupils while collaborating with my colleagues to be an active partner in the School’s development, and in Newton Farm I feel I have that opportunity. Additionally, I enjoy being actively engaged in school projects and activities that aim to help pupils fulfil their potential beyond the national curriculum, developing them as responsible citizens and accomplished human beings. Being part of the Governing Body is something that really excites me because it will be part of my progression as a teacher and educator.

Term of office: Sep 2021-Sep 2022 - Elected by: Staff - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

Naqiyah Padley - Parent governor

As the former Chair of Friends of Newton Farm, I have significant experience in engaging and partnering with the school in delivering a range of projects inline with policies and procedures. My previous experience as an Executive Assistant to the Vice President of a global corporation ensures I am highly organised and have exceptional budget management skills. My goal would be to work with the governing body to ensure all of our children, regardless of their ability or background, receive a well rounded and holistic education delivered in a range of learning styles. With three children across Infant and Junior school, I am a resourceful and approachable person with the motivation and time to commit to the role of Parent Governor.

Term of office: Jan 2021- Jan 2024 - Elected by: Parents - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

Shafi Fazaluddin - Parent Governor

I currently have three children at Newton Farm School and am passionate about ensuring that Newton Farm maintains its excellent record of academic achievement, whilst continuing to provide a safe and nurturing school environment for young children. With its highly-driven management and staff, and its close-knit community, Newton Farm provides a unique environment in which pupils of all backgrounds, needs and abilities can flourish. I believe a close partnership between staff and parents is key to supporting pupils in their ongoing development, and the role of Parent Governor will be instrumental in cementing this partnership. This year, more than ever, the school will face exceptional challenges in dealing with the effects of the Covd-19 pandemic, and will depend on strong governance to provide the children with a robust education system as well as compassionate emotional support. 


Professionally, after a short period in the IT profession, I practised as a lawyer in the Financial Services sector at two leading international firms in the City of London for around 15 years. Since then, I have been working in academia at SOAS, University of London, as a researcher and university lecturer for around 5 years. I recently completed my Doctorate degree, having previously completed two Masters degrees in addition to my BSc. I have volunteered in primary and secondary schools for around 15 years, providing students and staff with both learning support and business mentoring. I am confident that my educational and professional background and skills will provide a firm foundation for the role of Parent Governor, and that I will be able to make an effective contribution to the governance of our school. 


I have worked closely with the Friends of Newton Farm in the past, negotiating a generous annual funding arrangement from a local estate agent that supports essential extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils, such as theatre visits. At the same time, I have volunteered and provided a visual display and teaching session at the school to the upper years, where I had an opportunity to interact directly with many of the pupils. I know many of you from conversations and events at the school, and I very much look forward to working closely with you, as a Parent Governor of Newton Farm School. 

Term of office: Jan 2021- Jan 2024 - Elected by: Parents - Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests: None

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