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Newton Farm Nursery, Infant & Junior School

Excellence in Education, Journey to Success

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  • " Both of our children have attended Newton Farm Nursery and any praise we can give would not be enough; the atmosphere is always a happy one and the teachers have always been caring, nurturing and so positive in their approach to the children.

    The Nursery is run with a lot of passion and heart, where our children have flourished and this is all thanks to the effortless dedication of the amazing teachers and staff there - from the online classes during lockdown to the cookery lessons when the children were back; you each have been nothing short of fantastic in giving the children the best possible learning opportunities regardless of how it was done.

    We have always been well informed of my child’s development and support offered if this was needed.

    My child has learnt a lot, developed his confidence and friendships and it has been lovely to see the care and encouragement given to him to explore and develop in wide ranging activities; life cycles and minibeast exploring, phonics, cooking and art to name a few. We've especially appreciated the phonics learning as this will be really helpful for preparing my child for Reception.

    The Nursery team have really provided the perfect foundation for my child to continue his learning journey; we are hugely grateful for the support care and effort all the staff at Newton Farm go to, to ensure the children have a wonderful Nursery experience and we will always look back on our children's time here with very fond memories. Thank you all. "

  • " My son attended Newton Farm nursery one year ago and it was the best decision we made. He gained confidence and his reading, writing and maths incredibly improved.

    Newton Farm School is known for its high academic achievements and attending the nursery was a perfect springboard for my son starting reception at the school.

    The children of course also have plenty of fun and are involved in many enjoyable activities. What is noticeable is that I always see them smiling.

    The nursery staff are extremely friendly and very approachable and I could not recommend the nursery enough. "

  • " Our children have really enjoyed their time at Newton Farm Nursery. It is a warm and loving nursery and has provided our children with an interactive and a friendly environment that has nurtured their learning and development. The staff have exceeded all our expectations and have done a great job on focusing on our children as individuals leaving them well prepared for starting reception. Our family has been left with fond memories of Newton Farm Nursery. "

  • " It has been a wonderful one year experience at Newton Farm. My child started attending Newton Farm nursery year back. Since then he has gained more confidence in expressing his views. He immersed himself in all the activities at the nursery. He has gained so much from his time at Newton Farm nursery - friendships, social skills, confidence and learning through fun. I am sure my child will have a very smooth year in Reception. Newton Farm nursery teachers are very dedicated, helpful, and polite. They have build relationships with kids which has helped them sail through the year very happily. Thank you for making his early school year so fulfilled and happy. "

  • " It was a very exciting journey for our child in Newton Farm Nursery, the teachers were phenomenal in imparting the knowledge to the children, they were always patient & encouraging towards every child. The children were taught a very wide range of topics like alphabets, numbers, painting, craft, reading, phonics, social skills etc. Teachers paid individual attention to every child, they reviewed all the homework submitted every week & gave useful feedback. Initially our child was very hesitant to go to school, but now he is enjoying going to school. He has learned a lot & improved his social skills tremendously, a big thank you to all the teachers. We are happy to have given the best start for our child's education

    Thanks for giving the LITTLE one BIG dreams. "