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Year 5 Carnatic Vocal

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In the Diwali showcase a year 5 pupil sang for all of the parents attending. The show was a great success and we love to hear music from all around the world here at Newton Farm.

New Steel Pans Students

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Our new selected students are learning their first piece of music, they have half an hour lessons every week with their teacher and are coming along really well. Starting a new instrument can have challenges but our pupils here show great resilience! Keep up the fantastic playing on the Steel Pans.

Music Awards

We are very proud to announce that three children this week have received certificates of performance in their grade 1. A distinction in Carnatic Vocal, A distinction in Carnatic Keyboard and a pass in Grade 1 ABRSM Piano. Amazing guys well done! If you have been awarded a certificate don't forget to bring it to our award assembly on Fridays!

Music Awards

Music Awards 1

Year 4 Assembly Performance

A year 4 plays us a grade 2 piece as children walk into assembly on world book day. The song has chords in the left hand which ties in nicely with what year 4 are learning this term, Harmony. Well done, Keep up the great learning year 4!

Year 4 Assembly Performance - Book Week

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Year 5 Students Explore Chords

In music this term we are learning our winter celebration music, looking closely at harmony and chords. They were set the task of learning the melody for 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town' and to use their keyboard street to work out the correct chords to put with it. We looked at the chord of C, G, D and A. A Chord is when you play more than one note at the same time, these are commonly used to accompany tunes. Keep up the great harmonies year 5!

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                                                    Drum Club


Drum club has started, with children learning a new drill each week. They have learnt the parts of the drum kit and are starting to put together simple patterns to accompany a song.


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Trumpet Club

We are very excited to announce the first Trumpet club has started. 8 children from year 3 have been chosen to take part in the club, where miss smith will be giving Trumpet tuition. In the first lesson we covered the fingerings for C, D, E, F and G. The group quickly picked this up and are now able to play their first song ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the Trumpets.


Body Percussion


In the music curriculum this half term we have been studying Body Percussion, making sounds with your body. We look at Ostinato, Cyclic Patterns and notating percussion instruments. As a whole school we have been practising becoming a human drum kit along to the song 'Shotgun'. Each year group had a different pattern and have been practising within their music lessons. At the end of half term we performed all together in our music assembly. We hope you enjoy!

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Miss Smith has invested in a brand new drum kit ! Miss Smith has chosen some lucky children for a drum club every Friday, where they will learn how to keep a basic beat, and hopefully have someone ready to play in the orchestra for the Christmas concert!


"Thanks to all the parents last academic year who attended the spring concert and summer showcase. All the money raised in these events goes towards the music budget" - Miss Smith

New Drum kit

New Drum kit 1
New Drum kit 2
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On 9th October 2019 the Orchestra were able to go to the BBC Primary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. The performance consisted of some of the best orchestras/choirs/big bands/percussion groups of under 18's in the country. It is a chance for youth to showcase their amazing ability in music, and the hall was completely sold out, and full of primary school children! One of the most memorable performances was the Jazz Youth Big band. They had the hall up and dancing/clapping in time to their numbers. The trip was a fantastic opportunity for the orchestra to see the kind of standard Miss Smith is looking for to take Newton Farm music department to the next level.

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Picture 4
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Another week of brass accomplished! This week they learnt their next note D. On the Trombones this was position number 7 and on the Trumpets fingers 1 and 3. They are progressing quickly whilst learning their crotchets, minims and semibreves. Some children are making a great sound out of their instruments and miss Smith looks forward to choosing the lucky 5 going through to the orchestra after Christmas!

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Every Friday assembly the children get to showcase their playing as other children walk in and out of assembly. This week we had Kiran and Amogh from Y4. They played us two numbers on their flutes, the crowds of children looked on with admiration as this is first time we have had woodwind here at Newton Farm! Well done boys! Fantastic effort as always.

Year 4 students playing flute as children walk in to assembly

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Year 1 student plays the piano as we walk in to assembly

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The new team of girls has been chosen and you will see their debut performance at the Christmas concert 13th Dec. We have been working on our performance techniques when soloing and their posture. The girls are full of enthusiasm so watch this space and look out for their performance at St.Andrews church.

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Welcoming our new KS1 orchestra children! The children were carefully selected by miss Smith, and have already gone above and beyond her expectations for the year groups! They are reading music well and can all name notes C,D,E,F,G,AB,C with fluency. They will be playing 'twinkle twinkle' In the Christmas concert. The future of music here at Newton farm keeps going from strength to strength!

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A big welcome to the new children welcomed into the orchestra for this term! The new Y3's are already showing fantastic promise as they begin their peripatetic lessons here at Newton Farm. We are already practising pieces for our first show as a collective, which will be held at St. Andrews Church on 13th of December. We will be playing a mass piece with the choir and a solo piece of music from the Carmen Suite 'Habenera'.

New orchestra children are welcomed to the band

New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 1
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 2
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 3
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 4
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 5
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 6
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 7
New orchestra children are welcomed to the band 8


Here at Newton Farm we are very excited to be having a whole year programme of Trumpet/Trombone lessons for Y3. They have thrown themselves into their lessons and are itching to play these wonderful instruments! Every Wednesday morning they will have an hour of instrumental teaching with Harrow Music Service teachers. Miss Smith is looking for a group of children who are picking it up fast to potentially join the orchestra after the new year. Keep up the amazing playing Y3!

Year 3 - First Brass lesson

Year 3 -  First Brass lesson 1
Year 3 -  First Brass lesson 2
Year 3 -  First Brass lesson 3
Year 3 -  First Brass lesson 4


Peripatetic lessons are back up and running with lessons of Violin, Guitar and Steel pans available. Mr Ortiz has commented that the new starters in Yr3 this year show great promise and enthusiasm for learning the Guitar and already some children have joined the orchestra! They have been working on a Christmas song too for the concert at St. Andrews Church on 13th Dec 'Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer'.

Guitar lessons in full swing

Guitar lessons in full swing 1
Guitar lessons in full swing 2

Looking back at 2018-2019 Music Activities

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