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Newton Farm Nursery, Infant & Junior School


The Curriculum at Newton Farm is designed to be unique and allows us to deliver on our promise of “Excellence in Education” for all. The three pillars of Growth Mindset, Philosophy For Children (P4C) and Rights Respecting Schools are built into every aspect of the school day for all children from Nursery to Year 6.


We recognise the challenges our children face now and in the future and so have designed our curriculum to allow them to succeed in their lives and careers. Besides developing a robust curriculum, principles of digital and sustainable education are embedded throughout all the learning that takes place at Newton Farm school. In addition, pupils are expected to develop a strong understanding of English and this is actively taught throughout the whole curriculum.


Our curriculum is:



Pupils have access to and use digital resources every day which is used to support the whole curriculum. They are taught to be safe online and how to be responsible digital citizens. Pupils maintain both a physical and digital portfolio of work and develop high levels of digital fluency. 



Sustainability issues are highlighted throughout the curriculum and children are educated about ways to proactively take action for a greener future. Our internal practices throughout the school model sustainable behaviours to the children. 



Our expectation is that standards of reading and writing are excellent in all subjects. Pupils are exposed to a wide and varied vocabulary. Pupils are encouraged to develop a love of reading and are expected to read extensively to support learning in every subject.

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