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Role of Excellence goes to… 

Saish - For showing excellent manners. 

Eashan - For taking on learning challenges.

Year 1 Elder has settled into Year 1 very well. They are fully aware of the school rules and expectations. The picture below shows the children doing talk tennis partners about what they did for the Summer holiday.

Year 1 Elder really enjoyed Sports Day.

Year 1 Elder became plant hunters on their trip and learnt more interesting facts about plants.

Year 1 have been working on the concept of Division in Mathematics.

Year 1 are planting black eyed bean seeds so that they can make an observation diary of a plant growing.

Year 1 have been using the clocks to tell the o’clock and half past time.

Year 1 enjoyed participating in STEM week activities related to Transport and Connections

For Geography, Elder class used the VR headsets to see Gardens, Forests and Parks. They were so excited and made so many comments on what they have observed.

Year 1 Elder enjoyed watching Winnie the Pooh and did well in taking public transport.

This week, Year 1 Elder worked on creating rhyming couplets as part of our poetry topic.

Year 1 Elder went to the RAF museum and learnt more about aeroplanes. They even had a chance to see the inside of a boat plane that can float in the water. Some children said it smelled like crayons or old paint.

Year 1 learnt about Jamaica for International Day and they are designing their own carnival mask with bright colours and listening to Bob Marley songs.

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Year 1 we’re learning the song ‘When I grow up’ for the Matilda musical that the school worked together to perform.

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This week was World Book Day. The children had an opportunity to read some library books.

Year 1 Elder did a Story Whoosh of Emma Janes's Aeroplane by acting out the story in little parts. All the children loved being different characters.

This week Elder class made Chinese New Year lanterns and then they decorated them with square sequences. During the activity they were calm and resilient. It developed their cutting and decorating skills.

Year 1 Elder enjoyed working with Year 5 Aspen to paint a picture and we spoke about how Art can support people’s mental health.

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Year 1 Elder were learning how to insert pictures of animals into Google Docs for their Computing lesson. They did very well with the skill.

Year 1 Elder and Year 1 Oak enjoyed performing their show called ‘The First Christmas’ Here below is the dance they practiced and performed. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch the show.

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Year 1 enjoyed a new experience in Forest School by doing Environmental Art and learning to create a spark for a fire in a safe manner. Elder Class showed great reciprocity and resilience during Forest School.

Year 1 Elder did hot seating of ‘The Jolly Postman’ This activity is going to help children write a diary recount as they have completed a talk for writing activity.

Year 1 Elder learnt about snails vision through a blind fold activity and how they have to trust their other senses like hearing. They all enjoyed this activity during forest school.

Year 1 Elder enjoyed Forest School this week. They were learning about animals in the wild and were exploring worms and holding them with care.

What a busy week it was! First we had an author, called Heather come and read her book to us about cleaning our teeth. Then we made Gingerbread-man Biscuit for Book Week. It super sweet and delicious. Also we went on a local walk to Rayners Lane for Geography.

Year 1 went on a music trip to the Barbican. They watched an interactive music concert based on the story ‘I Need my Monster.”

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Year 1 Elder dressed up as different London tube station for Happy Feet Healthy Heart Week.

Year 1 Elder had a fun filled day at Bekonskot Model Village. There was so much to see and talk about. Year 1 Elder learnt more about transport in the past and how it had an impact on people.

For History, Year 1 Elder were learning to ask questions about transport in the past. The children came up with some excellent questions.

For Geography, Year 1 Elder went on a simple fieldwork lesson by touring the school grounds. The children were identifying their location using the Newton Farm map and also learning their left and right when we were going in different directions. I must say, I was very impressed with their map reading skills.

Year 1 Elder have been counting to 10 using concrete resources and starting to solve reasoning questions.

Year 1 Elder have settled well into Year 1 and have been working hard to show me their writing skills.