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We proudly extend our Roll of Excellence to Samriddhi and Isabella for their exceptional dedication and contributions during our adventure!

On a delightful Thursday morning, Oak Class embarked on an exciting botanical adventure to the enchanting Chelsea Physics Garden. Our young explorers transformed into skilled plant hunters for the afternoon, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of flora. With great enthusiasm, we observed a diverse array of plants, including those that tantalize our taste buds, the ones that embrace a carnivorous lifestyle, and the remarkable specimens thriving in diverse weather conditions. The journey to the garden was equally delightful, as we joyfully boarded the tube and relished every moment of the experience.

Year 1 have been working on the concept of Division in Mathematics.

Year 1 are planting black eyed bean seeds so that they can make an observation diary of a plant growing.

On Friday Year 1 Oak celebrated the King's coronation with a tea party. We had lots of yummy treats, danced with our friends and learn interesting facts about our new King!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Oak class went on a learning walk around school. They are learning about plants in Science and started off the topic with observations about the world around them. They were really excited to see the duck that came into the playground. They also learnt the names of the trees in our playground. We were lucky to see two birds nest on a tree and will be excited to follow their journey.

This week Oak Class learnt about Mexico. We learnt interesting facts about Mexico and even looked at the recipe to make guacamole! On Friday for international day, we went to the big hall and the children had a chance to learn about other countries. They went around with KS2 pupils to see fascinating images, objects and resources from other countries. Kenya and Brazil were popular ones!

This week Oak class have had a lot of fun doing practical experiments and investigations. In maths, we learnt about measuring with non-standard unit of measurements. In science, we learnt about waterproof materials, and in computing we were learning coding. The children even made their own code for their friends to follow.

Year 1 we’re learning the song ‘When I grow up’ for the Matilda musical that the school worked together to perform.

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This week was World Book Day. The children had an opportunity to dress up as their favourite character and share their favourite stories. We also followed instructions in writing and made yummy pancakes!

Oak class have been loving Art this week, they created amazing pieces based on Kandinsky’s ‘Circle of Friends’. They also enjoyed taking part in a story whoosh Drama based activity based on Emma Jane’s Aeroplane. In Maths Oak class have been working hard in Maths doing subtractions sums using counters. Excellent work Oak class keep it up!

Oak class have been doing challenge sessions in maths, they really enjoyed using cubes to add sums up to 20 and some children challenged themselves to go beyond 20. In Science we have been learning all about materials and their properties. Oak class have been really engaged and showed some excellent scientific knowledge, really impressive!

In Science, Oak class have been learning all about materials and where they come from. I was very impressed with their knowledge of properties, they are all showing keen interest in their learning.

Year 1 Oak have had a wonderful week taking part in different activities for Mental Health Week! They played games with children in Y5 Hawthorn and sang ‘ We are the children’ together. Nylah played the piano beautifully during our special Assembly. Oak class also dressed up in their pyjamas and special outfits for Friday and looked fabulous!

This week Oak class have been learning about Islam in RE and were excited to dress up in traditional religious wear! Also in History, Oak class were very intrigued when using Google Earth to find our local area and school.

Year 1 Elder and Year 1 Oak enjoyed performing their show called ‘The First Christmas’ Here below is the dance they practiced and performed. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch the show.

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During Forest School, Year 1 Oak made an art piece using nature and learnt about fire and how it can bring light to the world but also can be dangerous at the same time.

This week Oak class enjoyed a fun Forest School lesson making bubbles using water soap and string! They also made a birds nest using twigs and leaves.

We read The Gingerbread Man story. Oak class made gingerbread biscuits during Book Week! We had a lot of fun and learnt about which ingredients are used.

Oak class went on a Geography trip to visit their local area. They walked to Rayners Lane Station and identified physical and human features!

Year 1 went on a music trip to the Barbican. They watched an interactive music concert based on the story ‘I Need my Monster.”

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Year 1 Oak dressed up as different London tube stations for Happy Feet Healthy Heart Week!

Year 1 visited the Bekonskot Model Village yesterday. They showed excellent behaviour and did some great drawings of the modes of transport. They enjoyed going on a train ride and visited a workshop all about transport in the past. Well done year 1!