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The role of excellence goes too...

Year 2 - for being excellent chefs for international week and being inquisitive when wanting to find out more about Jamaica.

This week we learnt about the physical features of Africa. We made the model of the Africa map with salt dough and then added some features using paint. Fun!

Year 2 Music week song performance

Last week of the term and what a busy term it has been! Science investigations, Geography- Playdough Africa, Easter craft and so much more! Wishing everyone a very happy Easter.

What a busy week this was! Lots of learning and fun at Forest School! We have started the rehearsal for our New Year Assembly which is very exciting.

The year 2 children learnt all about Jamaica for international week and enjoyed the sweet treats they made.

A very Happy New Year to everyone. 2024 promises to be an exciting year. Forest school has started and although it is cold, the children have enjoyed rambling in the mud doing outdoor activities. Being outdoors makes everyone so cheerful and you are not even aware that you are learning essential life skills whilst having fun.

Here we are - almost the end of 2023! What a busy and exciting term we’ve had with all the learning and the various trips. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone in 2024.

Exciting science lesson happened in Year 2. We have been scientists and observing garden snails. Our investigative question was ‘What do snails eat’? We have made some fascinating observations, had great discussions about how we could carry out the investigation and have taken photos to record our observations. What fantastic learning it has been. Do you know what snails eat?

Year 2 has such a busy week with two trips- Windsor Castle and Barbican. The behaviour of all the children on the trips was impeccable- so much that even some members of the general public were impressed and commented on it!

This week has been very exciting with two fun activities. Year 2 visited the Jain Temple and learned very interesting facts about Jainism. In addition, Year 2 had an amazing drama workshop in school. The children greatly enjoyed it.

It’s been a busy week in Year 2 with lots of exciting lessons- especially the science lesson where we looked at living organisms we could find in our school grounds. And what a find! Our history lessons are all about Kings and Queens. We had a splendid time putting some of our monarchs on a time line

Year 2 has started their learning with a bang! It is lovely to see the enthusiasm.