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Role of Excellence 


To the whole year group for working so hard and behaving well on the trip! 


This week the year 2 went to Go Ape for a day full of fun! They enjoyed climbing nets and showed great courage and resilience.

This week the children were celebrating International Week, we learnt about Iran. We made Tah Chin, an Iranian rice dish. We also learnt about Norouz- Iranian New Year. We then presented our work in a showcase.

Children in Year 2 are exploring wheels, axles and bolts. They will be making vehicles in the next few weeks.

Year 2 have been learning how to make a knot as part of their unit on Puppets.

We had an amazing learning experience in our first Forest School session!

The children in year 2 have work hard identifying living, non-living and never alive things outdoor

The children had a great time explore and learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole at the Florence Nightingale Museum in St. Thomas Hospital.

This week we starting celebrating Black History Month. In the assembly the children sat in two separate boys and girls. We spoke about how the world would feel if we had to live segregated and how lucky we are to live in a country that respects everyone’s rights.

This week the children have been learning to retell the story of Elmer. They went outside to preform your version of the story using expression and different voices.