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The role of excellence goes to...

Year 2 - for being excellent chefs for international week and being inquisitive when wanting to find out more about Jamaica.

Year 2 Music week song performance

The year 2 children learnt all about Jamaica for international week and enjoyed the sweet treats they made.

This week pine class were outside exploring nature during their forest school session. They had an excellent time looking for living things and their habitats, as well as creating tree rubbings.

Year 2 Pine have been having great fun in Science exploring snails and worms. They’ve looked at their habitats, movement and diet.

The year 2 children had a fantastic trip to the Jain temple with some excellent behaviour and amazing learning.

Year 2 Pine have been exploring living things and their habitats in our junior playground. They were lucky enough to find plenty of insects, snails, slugs and flies.

Year 2 Pine have been working hard in their practical maths lessons, they used the dice and dienes to create 2 digit numbers. They showed excellent understand of tens and ones.