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Role of excellence goes to...

Amalia - for always being ready to help.

Zimal - for becoming more independent and more confident in her work.

Sarah - for improving her presentation in her books.

These couple of weeks have been very busy. We have created projects to make a new vehicle for school, made timelines for Vikings and learnt a lot in RE day, where we had a visitor.

This week we learnt about Hadrian's Wall. We recreated the wall and it will be exhibit in the school reception area.

Year 3 has been learning about healthy diets. We have created poster for all the main nutrients.

This week, our class did shadow puppetry for Chinese New Year assembly . We have made it into a QR code for people to view.

Cedar class used music and art to deal with our feelings. We were listening to music and drew what that song could makes feel and how could we use it to regulate our emotions.

Year 3 has been learning about fossils. This week we were palaeontologist and “created” fossils and dug some out.

This week Cedar Class came back ready to roll and we leapt into division and using concrete we manage to start to understand the difference between dividing into x groups or dividing in group of x.

This week we visited the Natural History Museum. It was an amazing experience where we learnt a more about volcanoes and earthquakes. Beside that we visited the dinosaurs area and we even met Dippy!

This week we practised our reading, making sure we start using the correct tone and expression. As well, in PSHE we had a drama session where the different groups acted what to do if anyone bumps their head.

This week we had our Diwali performance and we will have to give a shout out to the whole class that has done an amazing job. Beside that, our two rolls of excellence are:

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This year for a Black History Month we have been looking at Black British poets, specifically Valerie Bloom. Valerie is a poet who writes about her Jamaican culture in children’s poems. We studied the poems Kisko Pop and The Seasons. To celebrate Valerie Bloom and Balck History Month in Year 3, we wrote our own poems. After studying Valerie’s poems, we went outside and became inspired by the nature around us. Like Valerie, we used this inspiration for our own poems.

Year 3 have been leaning about light and in our last lesson we investigated reflection. We used mirrors to complete mazes with light.

This week in Forest Schools we learnt about Stone Age and some of their skills and behaviours. We learnt how Stone Age people made fire and used St Bridgid’s Eye to keep their farms safe.