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Roll of excellence


Mariya - using humour in her version of the battle between 2 dragons.

Giulia - showing excellent behaviour for learning across all subjects. 



Year 3 Cedar : Shop role playing was so much fun !

The children were using different mathematical apparatus to show fractions.

The children created amazing volcanoes ready for fun and exciting eruptionS in our Geography lesson.’ Thanks!

In year 3 we have been investigating the different parts of a flower and learning about their function.

Year 3 as a whole cohort achieved 100% attendance in the first week back at school and because of this they won the attendance cup!

This week in Cedar class we have been learning about light, investigating what happens with the absence of light and what darkness is.

Year 3 Cedar enjoyed and contributed lots to the drama workshop. They showcased their amazing actions and character voices

Year 3 has been working hard to film The Diwali Showcase. The children have been practicing their lines and have improved their performance skills.

This week year 3 Cedar got to enjoy a Forest School session with their parents, they took part in a range of activities as well as ending with a bonfire. Thanks to all the parents that came!

‘Year 3 have been studying Pointillism and they have created their own Pointillist artwork. I am super proud of their effort and artwork so far. They have chosen appropriate colours and they have taken time to produce some wonderful pieces. Mrs Shah’