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Role of excellence 


Aditi - consistently producing high level work and never lets standards slip.

Sienna - for coming in the top 3 for more than 1 sports day event.

Year 4 had a great sports day and pushed themselves in a lot of challenges.

This week, Year 4 visited Legoland! The children had a brilliant time and used their growth mindset to go on all the rides! They also took part in an exciting coding workshop, where they explored robotics and algorithms.

This week, the children were looking at the inside of a flower, creating their own models using clay and labelling the parts!

Year 4 have been working with pastels creating beautiful Impressionist art pieces inspired by Calude Monet.

This week in Year 4, the children have been making bread and getting busy in the kitchen!

This week in Beech class, we have been doing some class reading at the end of her day. This has been a great opportunity for the children to read a book of their choice aloud to the class.

This week in beech class, the children had their last week with Watford FC!

The children enjoyed a great trip to watch the Prince of Egypt.

This week in Year 4 Beech, we were demonstrating the 10 commandments on Judaism through freeze frames. The children all got involved and produced some excellent ideas!