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Roll of Excellence


Role of excellence this week goes to Rokshiga for her outstanding achievement in her maths arithmetic paper. 


Role of effort this week goes to Joash for trying really hard with his assessment and producing a piece of work that he is proud of!


This week in Year 4, we did engineering as part of STEM week. The children has to use paper and sellotape to make tracks for a coin coaster. They had to think about how angles affected speed and construct this carefully in groups.

This week in year 4, we have started rehearsals and exploring the use of green screens. The children have been very excited and have learnt all their lines very quickly!

This week has been a busy week in Year 4! The children had some workshops about Jamaica and the Galápagos Islands, where they got a special visit from Miss Tortoise! They had lots of amazing activities and really enjoyed this.

This week, Beech class had a visit from the police! The children were really engaged during this and were asking lots of questions.

This week in Year 4, we were looking at teeth! The children experimented by biting into apples and thinking about which teeth do which jobs.

This week in Beech class, we looked at different celebrations in Chrisianity, exploring a Christingle

This week it was book week. Year 4 had a visit from an author, Beth Shepherd, who did some fantastic activities with the children. They were very excited and learnt a lot about writing successfully!

This week in Beech class, we were looking at the celebration of Diwali! The children created their own Henna designs, studying its origin, when people have them and different patterns.

This week has been busy I’m Year 4 Beech! The children created mango and coconut cookies and explored African drumming as part of black history month.

This week the children were practising their timetables through practical means in the classroom.