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Roll of Excellence  


Navraj - This week Navraj has been very active In the lessons and has received feedback with a positive attitude and acted on it straightaway.


Amelia - For starting to believe in herself and starting to show an immense improvement in her work.

This week on a perfect stormy and rainy day, we have been learning how to create tension and suspense in our writing.

This week was International week where we celebrated the multiculturalism in the school. We had the visit of a special visitor, whom we named as Mi-Shell. We learnt about Ecuador, in particular The Galápagos Islands, where we became biologists for one day and studied about the Giant Tortoise (our Mi-Shell). Friday, we will be learning about Jamaica and show off our dance moves.

This week we have enjoyed book week. We have studied the fable The Lion and the Mouse. We have created our own version of the story and we are finishing our video books using the illustrations from Jerry Pinkney.

This week it has been a different week and we in Willow Class have been showing an amazing Growth Mindset. Our resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness and resourcefulness have been put to test and we all pass it with flying colours. Well done to all of us, children and adults! For Diwali, we learnt some wonderful hand patterns.

This week in Year 4 we learn to make coconut and mango cookies in line with the Black history month week’s theme. We mixed and moulded the cookies in school and then completed the baking at home and shared very nice photos and videos. They were delicious!

This week we have been learning to use the formal column addition method with regrouping in multiple columns. We used dienes and place value counters to help us visualise and understand the process. Attachments area

This week we have been working collaboratively to create our setting descriptions based in our 5 senses.