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Roll of Excellence


This week for effort and achievement I have selected Joash and Jai! Both boys have displayed an excellent attitude to their learning this week, asking for extra feedback and even volunteering to stay back during some breaks to work on improving their work! Well done for such an amazing attitude to your learning boys! 

Aspen class has been making the most of the warm weather, completing their maths outside.

Aspen class took part in the Primary Shakespeare performance of Macbeth on the 28th June. They did an amazing job and everyone commented positively on what an incredible show it was. Well done!

Year 5 have been working with Mrs Shah on a Sustainable Art and D and T project using plastic bottle tops and newspaper. This lesson, the children started to create the background of two wonderful pieces for display.

Year 5 have been using different media to create landscapes using various techniques explored by David Hockney.

Aspen has been continuing to work hard this week and are making lovely progress across all subjects. One of the perks of being in year 5 is taking part in gardening club. Every week a number of pupils go out with Ms Rasmussen to learn and develop their gardening skills. What a mindful and useful skill!

Aspen class has begun their topic of materials, investigating their properties on Friday, and classifying them accordingly. We have lots of exciting experiments coming up so watch this space for Aspen’s progress!

This week Aspen class had the privilege of visiting a local Buddhist centre where we learned about positivity and Karma.

This week in Aspen class, we have been making books in connection with the folktale, Ma Liang and the Magic Paintbrush in order to celebrate book week. Everyone worked really hard to write, illustrate and publish their own story which was then read in nursery! Everyone worked really hard to take part in as many activities as possible, including public speaking, designing a book cover competition and dressing up on Friday. We've had loads of fun celebrating book week!

This week in Aspen, we kicked off with a live lesson featuring Brian Cox to celebrate space week! We named all the planets, the natural and man-made objects in space, found out about how many moons there are around each planet, then practised some space-themed maths! It was a great way to start!

This week Aspen has been working collaboratively in our English lessons to deconstruct suspense texts to see what it is that can make writing tense and exciting. The children worked in groups to pick out key features and then presented their ideas to class. The children also worked collaboratively to come up with their own story full of suspense, making storyboards to present their ideas.

This week Aspen has been learning about the planets in our solar system. We looked at the difference between rocky planets and gas giants, and why Pluto is no longer classified as a plant.

This week Aspen has been working really hard on completing their assessments! We have begun our math lessons on place value and everyone has been working very hard! Well done! Roll of excellence this week goes to Vianna and Sivika. Vianna has produced two beautiful projects over the summer for the topics of space and ancient Greece. She has also already submitted homework for this week showing she's really working hard. Sivika has made a great start to her math learning, getting onto our challenge trees and really extending her learning. Her presentation has been beautiful too. Well done!