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Year 5 had the pleasure of listening to Mrs Mercedes Afnan, who follows the Baha’i faith, talk about the Baha’i religion. The talk was very engaging and the children had lots of interesting questions.

We celebrated RE day by learning about the parable of the unforgiving servant. We enacted the parable in groups. Miss Kuruppu came to talk to us about Buddhism and Buddha’s message of kindness. We meditated in class and felt calm and relaxed.

We had a lot of fun during STEM week and learning about different ways of transportation and how to make it more efficient. We also volunteered at the carousel and helped other classes learn.

Year 5 Aspen had their class assembly this week and we put up a great show in a very short time. The theme was Mental Health: It’s ok not to be ok. Also our very own Midunaa won the first prize at Newton Farm’s Got Talent!!! Well done Midunaa

Year 5 Aspen had a very engaging Forest School session where we learnt to use a compass and orienteering skills. We found clues and put them together to form the story of Twelfth Night.

Year 5 Aspen had a wonderful first session of Forest School this week. It was all about learning in nature, teamwork and collaboration. We peeled wooden sticks, decorated them and made bracelets. What fun!

Aspen were lucky to go to the British Parliament and see how laws are debated and made. We got a tour of the House of Lords and House of Commons and attended a workshop on law-making. It was very informative and enriching!

Year 5 Aspen did a role play to show how loneliness can affect children and came up with strategies to cope with these situations. They were really engaged and collaborative!

We celebrated the achievements of Ranuja, Shakthika and Diyaana in assembly. Ranuja has made great progress in his English writing skills in the past 3 weeks. Shakthika won a silver trophy at the RRBC badminton competition in Slough and Diyaana won the first prize in a dance (Bharatnatyam) competition. Well done to all of you!

Year 5 went to the British Museum on Wednesday and had fun learning about Ancient Greece and the Aztecs. We saw many artefacts and sculptures which improved our understanding of how people lived in the ancient times.

Mental Health Week- Year 5 Aspen collaborated with Year 1 Elder and the children bonded and created a painting together. There was relaxing music in the background and everyone enjoyed the time to connect with others.

Aspen class had fun learning about friction in Science and measuring friction on different surfaces like grass, tarmac, ice and wooden floor.

Year 5 had fun measuring the mass and weight of different objects, using scales and Newton meters. They are learning about forces in Science.

Year 5 Aspen went to the gurudwara in Southall to learn about Sikhism. We had langar and understood the basic values of the religion.

Year 5 have been designing their own tube lines as part of the Happy Feet Healthy Hearts week. They came up with very creative designs