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Congratulations to our Hawthorn heroes, 100% attendance this term.

We had a wonderful day at the British Museum to study the Parthenon marbles and Ancient Greek pottery for our History lessons. Such an amazing experience!

Getting ready for our Diwali Showcase Assembly. We made some lotus inspired decorations.

For our Science topic on Space, we visited the Science Museum where we saw so many interesting things such as rockets, spacecrafts and how astronauts had to adapt for life in outer space.

In celebration of Black History Month, we made scrumptious Spicy coconut and pumpkin soup! This is a specialty of the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

In Science, we have been exploring how the planets orbit and rotate at the same time which was superbly demonstrated by our volunteers!

Our classroom display on Ancient Greece looks amazing with these handmade artefacts.