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Year 6 has been practicing incredibly hard to perfect the Year 6 end of year production and we can't wait to show you what we have in store! Buy your tickets now!

RE Day: The two parables of Jesus

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The first parable that we learnt was The Parable Of The Weeds. This teaches us that there is no good in the world without any evil. People would both lead similar lives, but after death, their actions decide whether they go to heaven or hell.

The second parable we learnt was the Parable of the Great Banquet which teaches us that there are some things that people take for granted when there are some people that actually deserve it. 

Jesus taught all his followers to deliver themselves from evil and bring themselves closer to God. His parables represented acts of kindness and learning how to become a better human being towards others.

We also had a talk by one of our governors telling us about Judaism and some stories from the Hebrew Bible. They believed that Jesus wasn’t the son of GOD but they still respected him as a prophet and believed the oldest parts of it.


On top of that , we acted out the parable of the great banquet.

This week as part of STEM week, Year 6 took part in various activities involving velocity, resistance, buoyancy and aerodynamics!

This Friday, in celebration of the King's coronation, Year 6 brought in party food and celebrated in style! This celebration was especially popular as it came at the end of a long week, in which all the children had been revising and preparing for their upcoming SATs next week. Good luck to you all!

This week in the whole school it was music week. We had a workshop with Tracy King, a wonderful opera singer. Since we are doing a school play we are singing the song Revolting in the play Matilda and Tracy helped us clean up the quieter parts and gave us many great trips. Below is a video of us with a finished product and a picture when listening to Mrs King

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This week as part of our Chinese New Year celebration we drew our own dragons and designed our own red envelopes, which are traditionally used to gift money to family and friends during the celebration.

This week in science we were learning about light and the Great Discovery. This happened 2200 years ago and was made by an Ancient Greek named Eratosthenes. He managed to confirm that the earth is round and estimated the circumference of the Earth. In science we did a similar experiment to what he did to test the theory. Here are some pictures

This week as part of mental health week, Year 6 took part in several different activities that allowed us to open our minds to what it means to be mentally healthy, and to help us do this we collaborated with Year 2!

Coming up to Christmas, Year 6 took part in dressing the Christmas tree in the main hall, and that was only the beginning of the Christmas activities.

This week the whole of KS2 attended a showing of The Lion King at the West End in London. The children loved seeing the wonderful colours, listening to the live music and watching the phenomenal actors perform on stage.

This week as part of Remembrance Day the Year 6s designed and presented an assembly to commemorate the Great War. As well as educating the rest of the school on what Remembrance Day was, they also shared some poems and letters to the Unknown Soldier that they had written earlier in the week.

This week as part of our celebration of Diwali we have been creating our own comic strips that describe what Diwali is, and what happens during the festival of Diwali.

This week as part of celebrating Black History Month we have been reading a book called Windrush Child, which depicts the events of the windrush generation. After learning about this event, we researched our own facts and created our own Google sites for others to look at and learn about the windrush generation too.

As part of our PSHE lessons this year we have been focusing on our mental health and what it actually means to be mentally healthy. As part of these lessons we have been trying out different techniques to help us understand and control our emotions, and how to lead a happy and mentally healthy life.

This week we are looking at songs and rhythms from black artists in preparation of black history month. In the photos you can see us practicing the song “Something Inside So Strong" by Lavi Siffre who wrote the song about apartheid in South Africa.

This week we have been looking at how scientists classify animals. We have been working scientifically to find similarities and differences between different animals, and group them into different classifications.