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Bike-It, Literacy and Maths - 10th July 2015

Bike It: Riding Bikes without Stablisers on 09/07/2015

Some children in RM rode their bike without their stablisers for the first time. They did very well as they were resilient and they persevered until they learnt how to ride their bike.


This week RM have recapped the igh and ure trigraph. In addition, the have recapped the oa and the ai digraph. Also, they have eplore Jack and the Beanstalk further and have explore the story, 'Olivers Vegetables'.


For mathematics, RM have been focussing on doubling through practical activities. In addition, as part of our topic, we did the life cycle of a beanstalk, observational drawing of a flower, ordering beanstalk height, garden centre role play and bee bots.