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At Newton Farm, we offer a wide range of high quality performances for the children to get involved with throughout their school journey. We aim to increase childrens’ confidence to perform to a large audience, which include the whole school and parent community. This we value as an important skill for children to take with them throughout their school life and beyond.

Each year group has the opportunity to perform a full scale production, either  related to a religious festival or a topic within the curriculum. The productions that we participate in across the academic year include Diwali, The Nativity, Christmas Songs, Chinese New Year, Eid, Shakespeare Project and The Year 6 Leavers Production. With brand new staging, lighting and a sound system, our children get the best experience of what a professional performance would look and feel like.


Individual classes also perform one class assembly each year, relating to a topic of their choice, or the curriculum, and highlight the three pillars within these. Some examples of class assemblies we have seen are A Christmas Carol, Poetry, Talent Shows, Around the World and Looking After the World. The children perform these to the school and to the parents, personalising programmes for each performance.


Our children also explore filming and lighting through the use of a green screen, which is integrated as part of our productions as pre-recordings and within lessons. Every child in the school is also given the opportunity to explore filming on their own as part of the Harrow Film Festival. As part of this project, they learn how to plan and film a short movie based on a given topic, exploring camera angles and editing softwares.