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Events 2015/2016

Year 2 Transition Assembly - 13 July 2016

Year 6 Leavers Assembly - 15 July 2016

Bike it Breakfast - 14 July 2016

Newton Farm's Got Talent

Art Week Showcase

EID Assembly

USA Independence Day Lunch

Art Week

The week beginning 27th June was Arts Week and we had an artist in resident come to visit us and work with the children on various aspects of art. Each class studied a famous artist and really enjoyed the week’s arts activities.

Nursery Assembly

On Friday 1 July the morning and afternoon Nursery children performed their assembly. The children were very confident in their speaking and reading skills painted some wonderful painting of the animals they saw on their trip to Hounslow Urban Farm. Thank you to all the parents who attended the assembly.

Reception ELM Class Assembly - 24th June 2016

New Reception Parents Meeting - 23rd June 2016

DOHL Assembly - 23rd June 2016

Elder Assembly - 23rd June 2016

'Freedom Assembly' - 22nd June 2016

Reception ASH Class Assembly - 16th June 2016

On Thursday 16th June, Ash class performed their class assembly on mini-beasts. The assembly was really enjoyed by everyone. Well done to all the children in Ash class for being so confident in front of large audience!

NSPCC Workshops - 17th June 2016

On Friday 17th June Years 5 and 6 had workshops led by the NSPCC after a whole school assembly.

Queen's Birthday Lunch Celebrations

On Friday 10th June we had a wonderful special lunch to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday ! A big thank you to Leah, our Head Chef for organising this event and making a delicious lunch.

NSPCC Assembly - 6th June 2016

On Monday 6th June we had a special assembly led by the NSPCC about Anti-Bullying.

Music Assembly - 23rd May 2015

On Tuesday 24th May we held a whole school Music Assembly where the children showcased their musical talents!

Greek Day Lunch - 19th May 2016

On Thursday 19th May the children enjoyed a special Greek meal for lunch. They really enjoyed tasting food from another country. Thank you to the cooks for organising this meal for the children and staff.

Curriculum Evening - 19th May 2016

On Thursday 19th May the staff held a Curriculum Evening for the parents and carers to explain the new assessment and reporting arrangements that the school has devised to ensure that all pupils make progress in the new National Curriculum.

Best Project (Y4/Y5 Sports)

Years 4 and 5 have been involved in the Best Sports coaching Programme and the children have been very fortunate in having specialised sports coaches teaching them different skills to enable them to become better players.

The Walking Bus

The Walking Bus this summer term was a great success. Many thanks to Mrs Bush, our Travel Plan Coordinator for leading on this and thank you to all the staff who have helped to make this so successful.

Assembly by Harrow Food Bank

On Monday 25th April we had a special assembly led by Mr Peter Levy, a representative from the Harrow Food Bank. He told the children all about who the Food Bank works and how hundreds of people it helps in Harrow and we can become involved in helping and supporting those in need with in our local community.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Evening

On Thursday 21st April, the school held an Information Evening for Year 1 parents on the Phonics Screening Check which will take place in June. Thank you to all the parents and carers who we able to attend this evening and thank you to Miss Veghela and Miss Pedersen for leading the session.

Hot Lunches resume at Newton Farm School

The week beginning 18th April marked the beginning of our new hot meals service being cooked on our premises in our new keitchen. The children really enjoyed the meals that were being served. A special thank you to Pride Caterers who have been commissioned by the school to provide this service.

Harrow Music Fair with Instrument Zoo

Easter Assembly

On Wednesday 23rd March we had a special assembly led by the Harrow regeneration Team.

Key Stage 1 SATs Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd March we held an Information Session for parents with pupils in Year 2 sot hat we could explain the changes and new reporting arrangements to the KS1 SATs. Thank you to Mrs Shah for leading the session and thank you to the all the parents/carers who were able to attend the morning..

Science Showcase Assembly

We had a special Showcase Assembly where all the classes showcased the work they had been doing during Science and Engineering week. A special thank you to Miss Burgess for organising the events for this exciting week.

Science and Engineering Challenge Afternoon - 23rd March 2016

The week beginning 21st March was Science and Engineering Week and the children had great fun working with different age groups and working on various experiments.

Competition and Raffle Winners

Florence Nightingale visits Year 2

On Wednesday 23rd March, Year 2 had a wonderful drama workshop based on the story of Florence Nightingale.

BMX Showcase

Y4 African Drumming Showcase

Irish Music Showcase - Y3 on 18th March 2016