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We believe that languages are an essential life skill. French is taught to all pupils from Reception to Year 6. 


As well as ensuring our pupils acquire excellent language proficiency, we aim to promote a cultural interest while developing good foreign language learning habits which build a strong academic foundation for secondary education.


Throughout their language-learning journey, pupils are exposed to a variety of authentic materials such as songs, videos and films to enhance their thirst for knowledge.

Curriculum Intent : 

We believe that learning a new language provides an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, helping children to understand what it is to be a global citizen. This includes the importance of tolerance and understanding which are crucial in today’s world.


At Newton Farm our MFL curriculum intends to engage and inspire all pupils to develop a love of languages, practising all four language skills from day one, developing their talent as linguists, and increasing their self-confidence and creativity.

Curriculum Implementation : 

At Reception and KS1 MFL is mainly taught through songs, games and dances with the emphasis being very much on fun based activities.

At KS2, our pupils follow a structured course which is a built up from KS1, children learning is focussed on the 3 main building blocks of language (phonics, grammar and vocabulary).

The course becomes more challenging with the addition of role play in year 4 and project works on France's geography, history and culture in year 5 and 6. 


Pupils learn all the main grammatical structures like sentence building, present tense, main verbs, negative form, and phonics is also an important part of our teaching. Extended activity packs are added (talking about one's hobbies, feelings, family, shopping scenarios, describing objects and people, writing simple letters) to enable our high achieving pupils to excel in the language.


We believe it is essential to evaluate our pupils' progress in the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Pupils are assessed termly in speaking, reading and listening skills with a written test once a year. We also test vocabulary acquisition once a term at all levels: using flash cards in year 1 and 2 and through a spelling test at KS2.

Curriculum Impact :

During their time at Newton Farm, pupils will have a well-rounded language learning experience giving them opportunities to develop their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is important that our pupils realise that, as the world becomes more global, businesses and public organisations will need more people who can communicate in other languages.

  • Children in Year 1 and 2 learn simple topics such as numbers, colours, shapes, days of the week, greetings together with a selected set of vocabulary. Simple phrases and easy grammatical concepts like action verbs and genders are also introduced through fun activities
  • In KS2, children get familiarised with a precise list of vocabulary, learn their spellings and use what they learn in different contexts. Pupils are encouraged to communicate in French every week during the "warm up" session, phonics is introduced through action and songs.
  • In Year 5 and 6, we add further project work (Francophonie and Regions of France) to enable children to experience “la vie Francaise”! Enrichment clubs are also full of opportunities for children to develop their love of learning languages further.

Our curriculum for this subject is based on "La Jolie Ronde" scheme of work.