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Growing - 03.07.15

This week in RC, we have started learning about our new topic which is growing. We have been learning about how and what plants need to grow and how we can look after them.
For literacy, we have been learning how to retell stories and write book reviews - we have been focussing on the  tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' as it relates to the topic we are learning about and can be retold in a variety of ways. Next week, we will be focusing on using a range of adjectives in our writing as well as recapping all the phonics phonemes, diagraphs and trigraphs we have learnt so far. For mathematics, we have been recapping all of the mathematical skills learnt so far and have been continuing to talk about weight and height using the correct vocabulary as well as finding different ways of measuring. Next week, we will be recapping doubling and halving. On Wednesday afternoon, RC shared their sport's day with nursery and enjoyed participating in various sport's activities on the field in different groups. RC were very well behaved and showed off the excellent skills they have learnt and developed in Reception so far. Thank you to all of the parents that attended, helped out and supported their children during this fun day.


Sports Day Photos