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Gymnastic and The Queens Birthday 20.04.15

This week the children had their first gymnastic session and  they were learning to balance with control. In addition, since it is the Queens birthday, some of the children wrote facts about the Queen during independent learning. 
For Phonics, RM learnt the 'ar' and 'oo' digraph. Please recap on some words which have these digraphs. RM have learnt about Spiders and have incorporated this within their writing by writing interesting facts about Spiders. Also for Mathematics, the children learnt how to add and subtract using a number line. Please continue to practice this as well as practicing the use of nose buttons. 
Next week, the children will be learning the digraphs 'or' and 'ur'. In addition, the children will be writing a letter to the Very Bad Tempered Ladybird about how to be kinder to his friends. Additionally, the children will be re-telling the story. In Mathematics the children will be learning to sequence numbers from the lowest to the highest numeral. In addition, they will learn to recognise coins.