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Learning about the farm and 'oo' 19/06/15

The Farm - 15/6/2015
This week RM have been learning about the farm in various ways. For example: they named adult and baby farm animals; drew a farm picture; made a block graph of their favourite farm animal; role played with farm animals; and hot seating as Farmer Duck in the story called 'Farmer Duck'.  
The children learnt the 'oo' (book, took, cook) and 'pp' digraph. In addition for Mathematics, the children have created a whole class block graph on their favourite farm animal. Then RM analysed the data by identifying which farm animal was the most popular and least popular. Also, we looked at which farm animal was popular among the boys and girls in RM. 
Next week, the children will be learning the 'mm' and 'dd' digraph. In addition for Literacy, the children will be learning to write their own simple farm poems with rhyming words. For Mathematics, the children will be exploring height and weight through practical activities. Our topic is still the Farm and the children are excited to go to Odds Farm on Thursday 25th June 2015.  

Learning about the Farm