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Can I take my child home for lunch?

You are entitled to take your child home for lunch, but we do not encourage this as it means that s/he misses out on the social aspect of lunch break and depending how far you live from school it can be quite a rush in order to get back on time for the afternoon session.


Does the school provide my child with lunch?

All Infant School children are entitled to a free hot meal. Our hot meals are provided by an external catering company called ‘Chartwells’ and all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a hot meal which parents do not have to pay for.


We have made the decision that, because we have seen such a significant improvement in the children’s attitudes and well-being in school, all infant children will be given a hot free school meal unless your child has certain allergies and these will have to be discussed with the school.


If you have applied and your child is entitled to Free School Meals please email the School Office to let us know that you would like your child to have a hot lunch.


If you are not entitled to Free School Meals you then have two options: to provide a packed lunch for your child or purchase a hot meal from school for your child. Hot meals currently cost £2.15 per day and are provided by Chartwells.  The payment system in on-line only and you will need to open a 'ParentPay' account for your child - please contact the School Office for details about how to do this BEFORE taking a hot meal.  The current term's menu can be found on the Parents tab of the school website. 


Are there any rules regarding packed Lunches?

If you prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch from home, or you need to provide a packed lunch due to a school trip, please ensure that it is healthy – no nuts or products containing nuts, no glass bottles, fizzy drinks, chocolates or sweets! We are an accredited Healthy Eating School and we would like all parents to ensure that their child has a balanced diet which will allow them to learn effectively in school. Please see our Healthy Lunch Box Policy which is on the school website.