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Minibeast Oil Pastels - 05.05.2015

During the week, the children used oil pastels in Art to draw and colour in their Minibeasts. They learnt the stroke technique when they are colouring something in. RM enjoyed drawing and colouring their Minibeasts with another media.


For phonics this week they have learnt the 'ow' and 'oi' digraph and revisited other digraphs they have learnt so far. In Mathematics, RM have been practising to order numbers in the correct sequnece and recognise money.


Next week, we will be learning the trigraphs 'ear' and 'air'. In addition, they will be visiting what they have learnt so far in Phonics. For Mathematics, the children will be learning to recognise coins and notes. In addition, they will be consolidating on all the Mathematical concepts they have learnt  this term so far. Also, we are starting our new topic, which is Shopping.