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On 18th July we were lucky enough to have the Harrow Music Service Staff Band come and perform for us in assembly. They had a varied program, jazz, funk, pop and classical to name a few. The children got involved in each performance clapping along to recognisable tunes and putting their hands up when prompted to answer questions about the instruments. It was a brilliant opportunity for our school orchestra to see the level we are aiming for with music here at Newton Farm.


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At the summer fair lots of children performed either singing, dancing or playing their instrument with Miss Smith. The evening went smoothly and was a brilliant opportunity for children to perform their instruments to a relaxed audience. Children performed and parents attentively watched on. A highlight of the event was Y5 performing their African Dancing for everyone which gathered a crowd.


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After Year 6’s residential trip, they have been practising for a show called Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. For a week or two year 6 have been trying to memorise their lines. Some characters had many lines to memorise and some had only a few. Every morning and afternoon year 6 practised on the stage. Year 6 enjoyed performing to everyone and was happy that everyone loved watching

Y6 - Aaliyah



Some teachers name Sue and Agoto taught us how to dance, sing and play African culture music. This made panlogo music. At the end of the project we performed the music we had learnt to family and teachers on Friday 19th July. The whole year 5 took paret in this project and we all enjoyed it. All the music and dancing we did was from Ghana and on our first lesson we worked on the background of the music.

Priya - Y5


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On Friday 5th July I had the chance to show my talents in my schools talent show. It’s called Newton Farm’s got talent. It is a great show and I was lucky to get in through to the final. I didn’t mind if I didn’t win as I just wanted to perform in front of everyone In the show. I was extremely nervous on stage, and unfortunately I didn’t win. But I was happy to present it to everyone and watch all the other acts. This relates to article 29 because everyone has the right to develop their talents. This also helps to build one of our BLP resilience. Because all of the children were resilient to try and get in through to the final. The whole school finished on a A Million Dreams and parents thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Aniqa Y4 Willow



Year 6 pupils had their last ever Orchestra practice this week. The Year 6's have really set a high standard for  the upcoming KS2 children.  I would like to wish them all the musical success at secondary school! Keep up the beautiful playing. You have been a pleasure to teach, what a Year 6 class to be the first ever Newton Farm Orchestra.

Miss Smith



Miss Smith took the choir on a trip to Priestmead Primary School on 25th June to take part in a Choir Festival called 'J&C Sings'.  Three schools performed two pieces of their own and a whole group song to finish 'A Million Dreams'. Newton Farm performed 'Stand by me' and 'Lean on me'. After deliberation from Jazz the CEO of J&C Education, we were awarded the most polished performance trophy on the night! The pupils were so professional all evening, and the award was well deserved! Keep up the fantastic singing and lets win some more trophies!


On 12th June 2019 we held our first Summer Showcase, organised and directed by Miss Smith. The evening was full of solos, orchestra, choir and ensembles to a very high standard. We had a massive turnout from parents which was AMAZING to see as the children love to be supported in all subjects including music. In total we have raised over £500 including raffle money, which will all be put towards instruments for Newton Farm children in September, how exciting!  And a big thanks to all the parents who attended and fully support these types of events, the music department will continue to grow from strength to strength with all your support!  Our next event is 'Newton Farm's Got Talent' and letters will be out soon!  Get involved and come to watch the final on the 5th July!  We look forward to seeing you then.



Congratulations to our winners Siddarth and younger brother Aryan with their pop song, they played it at the summer showcase and went down a treat. 

And a massive congratulations also to our runner up Yuvika with her classical piano piece, it had some really nice phrasing and dynamics to it. Keep up the good work!

ROCK STEADY - 22nd May 2019

A man named Kieran came to our school and talked about a variety of electric and acoustic instruments. We learnt about different acoustics and electronic instruments making different unique sounds. My favourite instrument was the keyboard, as it sounded lots of notes at the same time. I really enjoyed learning about the variety of styles of music you can play with electronic instruments. We heard drum, electric guitar and voice.

Reflection by Ilakkiya Yr 5

Please enjoy our ROCK STEADY videos . . .

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On the fifteenth of May, the children who were in music gifted and talented went to the royal albert hall, where we went on music apps to help us compose music with maths. We also visited the hall and saw the people getting ready for the concert later that day. We had lots of questions to ask the composer leading the workshop, one of which was which composers inspire you to which he responded Schubert, Beethoven and Lizt. I mostly enjoyed seeing the hall because it was massive!

Eva Yr 5



One of our students has won a piano competition at Ealing Festival and come 2nd in another. Ealing Festival was established in 1947 and is an annual competition event for performers of all ages.  It takes place during April and May of each year at a range of venues in Ealing. Well done, what a fantastic achievement, musicianship at Newton Farm School is progressing quickly.  Keep it up Orchestra pupils.



The first session consisted of an introduction into African music and culture. Sue led the session from Harrow Music Service (HMS) with percussion instruments and Agoto doing the drumming workshop. We look forward to the end result and the dancing and singing to begin next week!

African Drumming Teacher

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Audvik in Y6 recently went for an audition at the Royal College of Music - Junior Department on Violin and secured himself a place. The Royal College of Music Saturday Music School is a very prestigious and high level school. Newton Farm are extremely proud of this achievement and look forward to seeing Audvik's progress within music over the years.



The concert consisted of each class performing two pieces with a modern twist consisting of Ain't No Mountain, Shape of You and I Like it Like That.



During the holiday camp we carried out lots of activities over the week ending with a performance to the parents. These activities ranged from instrument collective to music maths and musical spy missions. The week was a success and we look forward to the next one in the May half term! Please enrol your children as soon as possible in a week of musical workshops and fun!



On 28th March 2019 we held the first Spring Concert at Newton Farm School, run by musical director/co-ordinator Miss Smith. The evening’s purpose was to raise money for the music department to buy new instruments for September. The evening had a varied program from choir, boys chorus, girls chorus, solo performances and orchestra. The event was a success and the music department was thriving with great performances. The evening showcased all of our musically gifted children from year 2- year 6. These showcases will become a regular occurrence as performance is such a big part of being a musician and great for building confidence. Miss Smith was very proud of all the children involved and is always striving for excellence when teaching music. Performance highlights include Advik – Allegro on Violin and Aarnav – Indian vocal number. The orchestra re-auditions have happened on Monday and 6 new children will now become part of our orchestra here at Newton Farm. We look forward to the summer showcase!


On Monday 1st of April, I went to the Royal Academy of Music for an audition. This audition would decide whether or not I would obtain a place in the Junior Academy, the branch for pupils entering at the age of 11.

It started off with me playing two contrasting pieces, Sonata NO. 15 K545, which was a piece written by Mozart. Then I played Canon in D, a slower piece written by Johann Palchabel.

After this I was asked to complete a sight reading test where I had to learn a short piece and then complete an aural test which tests your ability to listen and review music.

Overall the audition was really good and went really well. I hope I am able to get in.

By Siddharth - Y6


On 26th March Miss Smith took 5 children to take part in HMS (Harrow Music Service) String Festival at Harrow Arts Centre. The girls had been practising the songs for the mass concert within their peripatetic violin lessons at school. They arrived at 9:30am and the rehearsals went on until 3:00 pm. The girls showed a great deal of maturity and concentration and by the end of the rehearsal the show was ready to go. There were over six schools present and over 100 children playing violin alone. The standard of the concert was brilliant and it was yet again fantastic to see so many parents supporting their children’s music learning. We were even lucky enough to hear Miss Mckay (Violin Teacher) play with the staff band! The favourite number for all the children was ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’. Next year we hope to have more children attend the string festival, so please encourage your children to practice their instruments, especially Years 3 and 4!



Miss Mackay is very impressed with the girls, having taught them for a couple of years now. She is always looking for excellent progress from her violin lessons and the children really enjoy her fun approach. Last week they undertook a spy mission involving theory and playing tasks and challenges!

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Reflection from Siddharth - Year 6


“Last week, the school choir had the amazing opportunity to go to the Harrow Arts Centre with lots of other schools to perform in a mass concert. The schools included were Stanburn, Pinner Wood and Glebe Primary. We were really excited about performing in the concert.

At the beginning we were shown to our rehearsal room (The Weald room which was in a separate building, where we began rehearsing. We shared this room with Stanburn l and played and performed with each other until our scheduled rehearsal time. After that we moved to the main hall where we would practice transitioning between songs/schools and singing our mass piece ‘I wish I knew how’.

Then after a lengthy rehearsal we were set for the parents to arrive. We sang two songs ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Lean On Me’. It was lovely to see so many parents supporting our choir here at Newton Farm. The children sung and played beautifully leaving Mr Bradley, Miss Smith, Miss Bouraeza and Miss Pindoria very proud.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I truly enjoyed it.”



Aarnav is a budding composer and is always trying to find as much to do with music inside and outside of school. He has used an online program called Crescendo to compose his latest tune called 'In The Rain'. He was given a head teachers award sticker and everyone in assembly listened intently.

Please listen to this composition . . .


Year 6 are working towards writing for the Orchestra. Since Key Stage 1 they have been learning about musical notes and rhythms. They have been learning in depth about classical music and reading and writing scores for the orchestra. By the end of this unit they will have a second neat draft written up of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. The children have an advantage as most Year 6 are in our orchestra here at Newton Farm. We are hoping for a composition for the orchestra from a child. If your child is interested in writing a song to be played by the orchestra in the Summer Showcase then please do not hesitate to encourage this!



One of our orchestra violinists played at her cousins wedding over the half term. Very proud moment for her parents! Doing music related practice or performance outside of school is essential in keeping up standards in the orchestra. This student has secured herself first violin.


If your child is doing something musical outside of school please don't hesitate to send over video or photos of the event. We would love to hear them! 



We are working hard rehearsing for our spring concert where we will be playing 'Canon in D' and 'Ode to joy'.  Please enjoy our rehearsal videos . . .

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We have been looking at musical notes and writing music in nursery this term. Writing music is really important to help children understand music when it comes to them playing and learning an instrument.

Boys Chorus:

The boys will be rehearsing weekly to prepare for our spring concert coming up. We have been preparing two pieces ‘Lean on me’ and ‘Stand by me’. We are very much looking forward to their debut performance!

Year 2 and Year 3:

In Years 2 and 3 we have been working on major and minor scales. We have been learning to change from one to the other. Below you can see Year 2 working on C minor and Year 3 working on E and D major.

Key Stage 1 Enrichment Club:

I have started a Key Stage 1 enrichment club to help the younger children to learn to read and write music. My aim is that the children will develop their understanding of music ready for instrumental lessons from HMS in year 3. They learn to write a part of the song and then play it on the glockenspiels. At the end of the club we a do a quiz to see how much we have learnt. I am already really impressed with their progress, very much looking forward to seeing how good their notation writing skills will be by the end of the year!

Year 6 Gifted and Talented:

Two of the gifted and talented students in music have showed interest in teaching. They had planned and delivered a lesson in music writing to our nursery children. These skills are so important to any musician as it is inevitable for them to teach at some point in their career. They both performed exceptionally well and we were particularly impressed with how they spoke to children, simplifying sentences down and picking key information out to help them learn.

HMS String Lessons:

The string ensemble are seen practising two pieces ready for our spring concert coming up. They have been seen to be playing with lego too, which is a fantastic way for children to learn and understand major and minor scales. This group will be going to the string festival with HMS in the spring term.

MUSIC - GIFTED & TALENTED - January 2019


Music gifted and talented students have been helping the nursery children to draw their notes. This is a brilliant opportunity for up coming musicians to have a head start in teaching younger children.


Teaching music is always going to be a required skill of any musician, so this workshop with nursery will definitely have boosted confidence in skills other than playing and theory. By the end of the session a considerable number of nursery pupils could draw middle C.


Our first mass showcase in the church with both the 60 strong choir and 30 orchestra. The programme was varied with solo, ensemble, vocal, instrumental and mass performances throughout. The children's hard work an enthusiasm for music shone through in this wonderful family event. From 'The Holly And The Ivy' to 'I Got rhythm' the children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we had a massive turnout from parents supporting them.


The standard of the orchestra playing their party piece 'Ode To Joy' a Beethoven number, was really good and will only keep improving throughout the academic year. The orchestra resonated in the church giving a massive finale piece to finish on with the choir filling up the church.

Christmas Showcase.MOV

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Our winner of the 'Christmas, Composition, Competition' played their Christmas No.1 and will shortly be getting recorded. Miss Smith is always encouraging children to be creative with their own material and this was taken on board by two boys who merged their songs together to create a ballad, so they just had to be the winning entry. Lots of other entries were of a high standard too, the children had put some time into making their lyrics fantastic to listen and read. And some of them had even written out the notation for their instrument melodies too.


In music gifted and talented we have been working on our grade 3 or grade 5 theory knowledge. I set them homework over the Christmas period to do a test paper and am extremely impressed with how quickly the children have progressed. Having marked their test papers I look forward to letting the parents know of children who will be ready to enter an exam this academic year. With more than 5 of the music gifted and talented students achieving a distinction in their theory mock!

Music - Gifted & Talented

I have started up a music gifted and talented group at Newton Farm School, as we have so many high achievers in music.  Our aim is to encourage relevant pupils to enter a theory exam, ABRSM grade’s 1-5 next year. The grade 5 theory qualification can be used on children’s UCAS applications for their future years, hopefully as musicians.


Please see below a Y6 pupil reflection . . .

‘Every Wednesday afternoon Miss Smith has started up a music gifted and talented group, for children who excel at music. In this music group we have been learning the ABRSM grade 5 theory syllabus, which is a much higher standard of music teaching. The subjects we have covered so far are:

  • Time signatures
  • Rests
  • Note lengths
  • Note groupings
  • Intervals

We greatly enjoy learning theory and new music terminology as it raises our chances of passing our exams in all subjects.'




The choir is 50 children strong, we will be rehearsing every week. In choir we will be working through many genres, but to start this term we have been working on a jazzy number, a George Gershwin piece called I got Rhythm. We’ve been working on 2 part harmony and will be showcasing this in our performance in the church on 14th Dec St Andrews church. Along with Christmas numbers, hymns and carols.


As you all know I was super keen to start up an orchestra at Newton Farm, we’ve had 3 week of trials, with 67 children volunteering themselves forward which is fantastic showing how eager Newton Farm are to become musicians. The players for orchestra have been finalised we will be working towards joining the choir for a few numbers for our Christmas Carol Concert on 14th Dec. We will showcase a piece we have been working on in orchestra too, ‘Ode to joy’.


Music Instrument lessons

Peripatetic music teachers from HMS take groups of children to have lessons in violin, steel pans and guitar. Any children who are doing really well on their instruments get chosen to play in our award assembly on Friday’s.


Enrichment Club

Music Reading and writing club have been looking at lots of different pieces. Every week we go over the cleff, key signature and time signature first and then we start to draw our notes. We have a street we draw out that helps us to remember where the notes sit. If a note is sharp or flat we colour in a window in the house either on the left or on the right. If we are playing a piece of music it is important to know what key it is in and if that key is major or minor. The children will be able to work it out looking at the notes that make up the tonic chord. We have been looking at quite a few different pieces including star wars, harry potter, oh when the saints and Havana. Each week they write a small section of their music and the rest is printed out for them.


Music Showcase Assembly

We have a budding musician in Year 6 who played/sung Galway Girl as we walked into assembly.

Year 6 can STOMP

Year 6 have been working on STOMP the musical. For those of you that don’t know stomp is a west end musical based all around a junk band. Year 6 were set the task of using 3 different types of physical rhythm. Singing, body percussion and junk instruments which they made at home. The piece of body percussion the class came up with was to a very high standard and after much practice came together beautifully in our showcase assembly. The piece consisted of three different rhythms played by three different groups, which they had composed and notated themselves, they build up everytime a group/rhythm is added. So effectively it sounded like a human drum kit.

Year 2 Musical Notes

Year 2 have been working on rhythm aswell using and introducing musical notes. We did this using musical ducks, we had grandad duck for 4 beats mummy duck for 2 beats, teenager duck for 1 beat and baby ducks for our quaver beats. After these were introduced we have begun to read music as a class recognising the musical notes and the lines or spaces they sit on. The classes both performed as a collective using their bodies and instruments. I am super impressed with year 2 and their ability to play in time to the beat. We did our performance to Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk, and it was a hit.