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This week Nursery went on a trip to Hertfordshire Zoo. We were so surprised and excited to see lots of moving dinosaurs. We saw different wildcats, zebras, and monkeys. We had so much fun and can't wait to go on another trip.

We were welcomed back to Nursery with a bang thanks to our amazing African drumming session. We had such a lovely time learning the notes and how to play the djembe drums. In Literacy we have been reading Handa's Surprise and learning about inference. We asked lots of questions and explored why Handa did not realise the fruit had gone missing. We came up with ideas about what Handa could do next time. We were very fortunate this week to have Daisy's father Mr Ng come in and talk to us about the Lunar new year. We loved learning about the customs and traditions and how Daisy celebrated the lunar new year. We were also fascinated by the lion and dragon dance and felt so grateful to be having such enriching experiences. In math we learnt about the number 6 and made towers using cubes.

We have had a lot of exciting things going on in the nursery since coming back. We started off learning about the celebration of Pongal. We all got to make pongal adeat pongal on banana leaves. We also made pongal pots out of clay. For our new topic Once upon a time.... We have been learning about traditional tales. We learnt how stories were told before books. We have been dressing up as the characters from the stories we have learnt and been doing lots of role play.

In Nursery we have had a busy few weeks. We have been celebrating Diwali by making lots of colourful Rangoli Patterns. We made Mango lassi and had it for our snack. We dressed up as our favourite characters for Book week. We even managed to go on an autumn walk to collect some Autumn treasures

This week in nursery we have been learning about patterns. We printed repeating patterns and we had a special lesson where we learnt about instrumental patterns with Miss Smith and Miss Kuruppu. We also celebrated Diwali and made some clay Diyas. We decorated our diyas with repeating patterns.

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. The children enjoyed exploring colour mixing and sorting objects by colour. They created their own colour monsters and described how they are feeling. For Happy feet healthy heart themed week Nursery went for a trip around the school. They met and greeted various people around the school. We participated in the morning exercise with Mr V and the Zumba classes led by Ms Mehta. We talked about healthy eating and drew and labelled parts of our bodies. It has been lovely to see how well the children have settled into Nursery