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Odd's Farm 25/06/15

This week in RC, we have been continuing to learn about 'The Farm' and we had a very exciting visit to Odd's Farm on Thursday. We saw lots of different farm animals and learnt facts about them, as well as feeding goats and sheep, watching a cow being milked and stroking some lovely soft rabbits. We also saw horses, pigs, chickens and a turkey. RC had lots of fun and demonstrated excellent behaviour and knowledge of the farm animals!
We have also been writing about the farm and the different animals, describing the different animals and making pictures of them in various ways, using different resources. 
This week, for phonics we have learnt the diagraphs 'dd' and 'mm' and have written sentences and stories including the words with the diagraphs, as well as including connectives and adjectives in our writing. 
For mathematics, we have been learning how to measure in a variety of ways and have been comparing different heights and weights, using the correct terminology, for example, 'bigger, smaller, lighter, heavier, longer, shorter' etc. We have also been practising the other mathematical skills we have learnt previously and have enjoyed a range of activities, both inside and outside in the learning garden.