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Odds Farm - 25th June 2015

This week the children went to Odds Farm and they fully enjoyed themselves. They were well behaved and they had the opportunity to see a lot of animals. They saw cows, chickens, hens, rabbits, pigs, horses, sheep, goats and turkeys. In addition, they learnt how to feed the sheep and the goats, how to milk a cow, and how to keep themselves safe.


Also this week, the children have learnt about money and are beginning to understand their value. In addition, for Phonics this week they learnt the 'mm' and 'dd' digraph. For Literacy, they wrote a recount about their trip to Odds Farm.


Next week, the children will be starting a new topic about Growing Plants. The focus story for us will be 'The Tiny Seed' to learn about how plants grow. In addition for Phonics we will be recapping all the digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt this year. For Mathematics, we will be looking at height through our topic.