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Philosophy for Children- 18/05/2015

This week the children had to think deeply about What is a hero? Who is their hero? for our Philosophy lesson where we are teaching children to be deep thinkers. We are also teaching them how to use the words I agree and I disagree. Also children learnt to put their palm out when they want to speak as it symbolises that they are offering something. RM well done for doing well in your first philosophy lesson.


For phonics this week we did the digraph 'er' and the trigraph 'ure'. In addition, the children re-told 'The Shopping Basket' story and wrote a book review about it. For reading, we are focusing more on comprehension. Please ask questions related to the story that your child's read. You can use the reading book marks we provided at the beginning of the year. For Mathematics we have worked on recognising money, adding money and developing the skill to choose the right coin. Please let your child see real money and add money together.


After the half term, the children will be learning the 'tt' and 'bb' digraph. In addition, we will be doing comprehension activities in order to develop the children's understanding when they read something. Also for Literacy, children will be writing facts about Healthy Eating. For Mathematics, children will be learning the concept sharing and halving. Our next topic for a week will be Healthy Lifestyles as it is Healthy Eating week from 1st to 5th June.     


Have a restful half term RM.