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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Philosophy for children (P4C)


Philosophy for children (P4C) is one of the three pillars of Newton Farm. Our ethos derives from this deeper thinking. P4C is an enquiry based learning which offers learning through enquiry and the exploration of ideas.

What is P4C?

P4C is an approach that explores the big ideas that arise in all areas of education and life experience. P4C uses philosophical dialogue and enquiry to help learners to think, to speak, to listen, to learn and to live together more effectively. There is no ‘right’ answer in a philosophical discussion and therefore this notion helps pupils gain confidence to articulate their thoughts and ideas to their peers. Developing an intellectual conversation amongst each other in a safe and trusted environment.

How does it benefit our pupils?

Through the discussion of philosophical questions, pupils have an opportunity to understand that their ideas have value. They learn to respect the value of those around them too.  


P4C discussions have the following benefits to our pupils at Newton Farm:  

  • Pupils develop deeper thinking - cognitive ability 
  • Prompts growth mindset 
  • Develops mutual respect for various opinions 
  • Enhances confidence 
  • Enables articulation of intellectual conversations 
  • Developments in critical reasoning skills 
  • Promotes respect and negotiation
  • Social and emotional development


Philosophy in action

P4C in Action

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Pupil discussion about P4C and Rights Respecting Schools