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Physical Education



We ensure all children have access to a high quality, inclusive curriculum, which teaches students a wide variety of skills and activities throughout a balanced programme. We promote a healthy and active lifestyle, not just for students’ physical well-being but emotional as well. Physical Education helps to develop key skills that students will carry through to all aspects of life, including self-confidence, commitment, respect, social skills, resilience and the ability to manage emotions. Through learning these skills, we create leaders in our school community and provide them with a sense of achievement. Physical Education at Newton Farm School plays a vital part of everyday school life.

Curriculum Intent:

At Newton Farm we see the value that P.E. brings to the pupils education and their everyday lives. We provide a range of opportunities for all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 to enjoy playing sports. Our curriculum is based about developing a range of transferable skills that progress as the children move through the school. More information can all be found on the P.E. Skills Progression map.


Clubs Links:

We have several links with local clubs which helps to enrich the PE curriculum. These include:

    - Watford Fc coming in run a six - week programme for Y4 which teaches the children three different sports whilst learning the importance of a healthy and active diet.

   - Barnet Fc gives our children an opportunity to go and watch the First Team play as well as a meet and greet with the players.

   - Harrow Borough, a local Semi Pro Club, gives us tickets to watch their first team play.


Sports opportunities for the children:

Here at Newton Farm School, we showcase our children's talent by taking part in many competitions that Harrow has to offer including: Football , Netball , Cricket , Athletics , Cross Country , Basketball and Tennis. We have also introduced the daily mile which develops the stamina, overall health and physical fitness of the children.


Our curriculum for this subject is based on the Newton Farm School scheme of work.