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PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education and is incorporated at the heart of all our learning at Newton Farm on a daily basis. This is supported by our broad and balanced curriculum, enabling children to reach their full potential. Our main aims are for children to gain greater confidence and self-esteem, appreciate and acknowledge their rights and responsibilities as happy, successful citizens in our community.


We take great pride in teaching SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) in all aspects of our curriculum and a different theme (e.g. new beginnings, changes etc.) is discussed on a weekly whole-school assembly with the children and then followed up by various activities in the curriculum.

Not only do workshops take place during the year (e.g. during Anti-Bullying week) but these main messages are constantly delivered in the classroom.


PSHE contributes to the Literacy standards in terms of reading, writing expressively and speaking and listening, which is a large part of the subject. It is incorporated in terms of group discussions, debate, majorly philosophy for children.

Our curriculum for this subject is based on the Newton Farm School scheme of work.

RSE Consultation


Thank you to all parents who took part in the consultation. This consultation is now closed. For parents who wish to learn more about RSE or supporting your child with RSE education, we have placed some helpful links below.