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Roll of excellence


All of Reception Ash for being super sensible and having a great time at the woodlands trip this week. I was so impressed by how well everyone engaged and behaved at this exciting place. 

At the Forest School Trip we made Gruffalo crumble and built log houses for little woodland creatures.

This week in Ash class we had our sports day. We took part in so many sporting events such as egg and spoon race, sack race and hurdles. It was a fantastic morning well done Ash Class.

This week in Reception we have been looking at plants. We took part in a science activity where we observed white flowers in different coloured water to see if it made any changes to the colour of the petals. We then wrote our predictions and findings, just like real scientists.

This week our new topic is Toys (Old and New). We have been looking at different toy materials and thinking about how some old toys have come back into fashion.

This week in Maths we have been exploring number bonds to 5, looking at the patterns with the pairs of numbers using both Multilink and Numicon.

In Reception Ash this week, we were very lucky to have a cooking lesson with Miss Reando! We made Roti from India

In Reception Ash this week we explored ambitious adjectives by describing different dinosaurs. I was so impressed with the vocabulary Ash class were using and how they were accessing their phonics to write the words down.

This week we celebrated Book Week and had a workshop with the author Eva Wong Nava. On Friday, children dressed as their favourite book character. We had a great week!

This week it was Happy Feet, Healthy Heart week! We dressed up in bright clothes to be bright and be seen!

This week we were very lucky to have a visitor from Great Ormand Street Hosptial, Megan the Orthoptist. She told us all about our eyes and keeping them healthy and what happens when you go for an eye test!