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Roll of excellence


1. Niam, for being engaged when learning about our topic (Africa) and for being keen to share all the things he knows with the class.

2. Haasini, for her effort in her phonics this week, being able to write simple sentences. 

This week Elm class have continued learning about Africa. We have learnt many facts about the continent and its animals.

My roll of excellence this week goes to...

1. Maithili, for being enthusiastic in all her learning.

2. Tilak, for his good behaviour in the lunch hall this week.


This week Elm class have been learning about inspiring black people to mark the beginning of our Black History Month. Ellora and Tiana gave us a talk about Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole respectively. Well done to both!

Class teacher's roll of excellence

1 - reason why

2 - reason why


This is what we learned