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Roll of Excellence 


My roll of Excellence this week is for the whole class, who behaved really well on the trip. They followed instructions really well and worked as a team. Well done to all of you!


This week we enjoyed our last two sessions of Forest School. We went on a trip to the woods and had lots of fun going on a Gruffalo trail and taking part in other outdoor learning activities.

This week we enjoyed our Forest School sessions where we did Happazomes (leaf printing). We also had Sports Day. All the children participated well and showed good sportsmanship during all the activities. Well done to all of them! Next week, we will be learning about Under the Sea.

This week was STEM week. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. On Friday we took part in different activities organised by Ms Silva and we learnt about the heart, bones and our bodies. The activities were carried out by children from year 4 who were great helpers. It was super fun!

This week the children did a volcano experiment with Mrs Hasan. They’ve learnt about dinosaurs and how volcanoes were one of the reasons for their extinction. They had lots of fun doing this activity. Next week we will be learning about Toys Old and New.

This week some of the Elm class children cooked with Miss Reando! They made some delicious Tacos (Mexican food). Next week we will continue learning about Dinosaurs.

This week we have been learning different facts about the Rainforest and the seven continents song. Next week we will continue learning about the rainforest.

This week we celebrated Book Week and had a workshop with the author Eva Wong Nava. On Friday, children dressed as their favourite book character. We had a great week!

This week we have been learning about People who help us. We also celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. We wore our traditional costumes and learnt the song "Diwali is Here." Next week we will continue learning about people who help us. Happy Diwali!

In Reception we love to celebrate all cultures, religions and ethnicities. Through a circle time, we explored Article 30 and came to understand that if everyone was the same, the world would be a very boring place and that our differences should be celebrated! To celebrate Black History Month, we learned "Che Che Kule", a folk song from the African country Ghana. It's a "call and response song" where the leader chants a line and then everyone repeats it. We used instruments and body percussion to do this.

This week Reception took part in a scooter training with Mr Alex. They also learnt the golden rules to stay safe on the road. Next week we will continue learning about

This week we were very lucky to have a visitor from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Megan the Orthoptist. She told us all about our eyes and keeping them healthy and what happens when you go for an eye test! Next week, we will be learning about autumn.