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RM's Writing Skills - 13/05/2015

This week, RM have been improving their writing skills by writing sentences with adjectives and connectives. In addition, they have been trying to write their own story. 


RM have worked very hard this week by learning the 'ear' and 'air' trigraph. In addition, have been learning to write high frequency words. Also, for reading we are encouraging children to identify key learning points from a story with support. For Mathematics, RM are recapping how to use nose buttons and starting to learn how to add money.


Next week RM will be looking at the trigraph 'ure' and digraph 'er'. In Literacy, RM will be re-telling the story "The Shopping Basket" and writing a book review about the story. For Mathematics, children will be learning how price and value is added to items people buy and they will create a price list.