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Spiders 27/04/2015

This week RM made a big spider using PVA glue and scrunching up black tissue paper. When they finsihed making the Spider, they gave her a name. Her name is 'Rosie the Spider. We made it because we are turning our role play area into a Minibeast investigation area next week.


For phonics this week, the children worked on the digraphs 'or' and 'ur'. In addition, I have been teaching them how to apply their 'or' and 'ur' words into a simple story. This week in Literacy, the children are looking at how to write a simple book review and we starting to work on simple grammar concept such as knowing when to use a capital letter and remembering a full stop at the end of sentences. For Mathematics, the children have been ordering numbers and practising their preposition. There is a Preposition song on Fronter and I have shown RM how to get to it (Go on RM Fronter page. Then scroll down and click on Numeracy. Scroll down on that page and the youtube video is there).


Next week for phonics, the children are learning the digraphs 'ow' and 'oi'. In Mathematics, RM are learning to recognise coins and see if they can add simple coins. The topic is still Minibeasts.