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Week of 14.02.2014

This week we have been learning about 'Pat a cake'.  We looked at different recipes and decided to bake chocolate cupcakes.  They were delicious! We also made some special heart necklaces for our mummies to wish them Happy Valentine.  We made the salt dough, cut heart shapes and cooked the heart shapes in the oven.  We painted them as pendants and put ribbons on for the necklace.  When we come back after half term (Monday 24th February), we will be learning about Kings and Queens.  For home learning, please bring in something in relation to the topic, a story about Kings and Queens, may be make a palace or draw a palace.  They are only suggestions, please be creative! The Nursery staff would like to wish you have a lovely half term break and nursery will open on Monday 24th February 2014.  Thank you to all parents for their continued support.
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