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My Roll of Excellence this week goes to . . .

. . . THE WHOLE OF ELDER CLASS!! ‚Äč... For being extra vigilant during our trip to the Natural History Museum. 


What a busy week for Elder Class! First they have been on their trip to Natural History Museum and learnt some new facts about dinosaurs. In addition, they have had Sports Day. Well done for winning! Also, this week, we are working on our Art project of making a dinosaur sculpture. 

Year 1 Elder had their last reading morning of the year. In addition, the children enjoyed learning about different religions on RE day (RRS Article 14).

Year 1 Elder enjoyed working with Year 5 to make a strong tower that can hold a heavy water bottle for Science Week

Elder class learnt many new facts about Minibeast when they went on their trip to Iver Environment Center. They went on a minibeast hunt, did pond dipping to explore water invertebrates and made their own bug hotel.

This week Elder class have worked with Year 5 Aspen to learn more about Indian. Also, in the ICT suite, the children have been practicing their Phonics skills.

Our E-Safety Pleadge_WMV V9.wmv

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This week Elder class used the atlas to find out facts about India in our Geography lesson.

This week Elder class have learnt how to carry out peer assessments in English.

Creating pointillism paintings . . .

Even though it has been a short week, Elder class have learnt to find 1/4 of shapes and numbers. In addition, they have learnt about Spring and recalled facts about United Kingdom.

Elder class have been busy this week as they have been making their own toy car using various materials . . .

Shakespeare: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - acting and retelling the story in their own words. Learning about the country Greece, making mother's day cards and learning to say 'Happy Easter' in French.

Year 1 learnt about Sikhism through their trip to Brent Sikh Centre.

Phonics: Exploring the split digraph 'a_e' and 'i_e' - Art/ DT: Learning how to create paper mache on a balloon to make a globe.

Elder class have been learning to read the time and learnt how to write the numbers in Chinese for Chinese New Year.

Computing: how electrical toys are used for computing. Science: which materials float or sink . . .

Counting to higher numbers in 10's and 1's . . .

Please click here to see the Recommended Reading List for Year 1 pupils . . .

Developing writing skills by writing a character/setting description and acting out the story 'Little Red Riding Hood' . . .

Y1 New Year Resolutions . . .

Y1 Nativity Performance

Please enjoy looking at our photos of our trips to Headstone Manor Museum and The Unicorn Theatre

In DT, Elder class made their own Stickman. During P4C, the children were thinking about 'What do they need to be happy'.

Y1 Elder Newsround

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Year 1 Elder have been developing their football skill in PE and learning how to give feedback to their peers.

Year 1 Elder on their Local Walk on Friday 9th November 2018 for Geography

Learning about Diwali, Anti - Bullying and Remembrance Day . . .

Working on 'ee' and 'ea' for Phonics . . .

Exploring number bonds for 10 using the multi-links . . .

Author Matt Dickinson come in to tell us about his book, it is about squirrels liking popcorn and Miss Choksi came to read us a story

Developing hand/eye coordination skills in PE . . .

P4C - exploring how the mouse lied to the animals in 'The Gruffulo' story

Enjoying the class library and writing numbers 0 to 10 in words . . .

Number formation for Mathematics