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Elder class for listening attentively during our trip to the Gurudwara. 


Our trip to the Gurdwara and learning how it is a special building. 

Our trip to the Gurdwara and learning how it is a special building.

We enjoyed our trip to the Science Museum and learnt more about Space.

Elder class enjoyed the Amazon Coding Workshop.

In Phonics we used Google Jamboard to make a_e words.

Elder class were learning to locate the continents using the atlas. Also, the parents came in for a Phonics workshop

This week, Elder class have learnt how to write their own acrostic poems.

Year 1 Nativity Show

In Science, Year 1 Elder have been learning to compare a human to a fish. The children explored the fish gills, scales, fish and mouth.

Nativity practise is going very well...

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An excellent guided reading session where children enjoyed reading the book and had a very interesting discussion

The children become scientists and were classifying vertebrates in different group.

Elder class learnt about old and new toys through a workshop

This week, Elder class have been learning to read numbers in words from 11 to 20

Year 1 Elder have learnt the moral of ‘The Diwali Story’ They also retold the story.

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Year 1 Elder painted their own self- portrait in the style of Picasso.

Year 1 Newsround

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Learning New Adjectives in Groups

This week, the children have learnt how to count in twos using counters and lolly sticks. In addition, they learnt what counting in 2’s looks like on a number line.

Year 1 Elder learnt what greater than and less than means in Mathematics

The children went on an exhibition to see all the Rayners Lane Projects that have been made during the summer holidays using recyclable materials. Well done to all the children who took on the effort of making their models for their summer holiday home learning.

The children are learning how to log into the chrome books


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