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Muhammad for getting full marks in his spelling test.


Year 1 Oak had a special visitor - can you guess who it was?  Clue: his famous words were “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind “.


Year 1 Oak had a special visitor - can you guess who it was? “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind “.

Our trip to the Gurdwara and learning how it is a special building.

Children learning about Odd and Even Numbers in our Maths lesson.

We have been learning about Time in our Maths lessons. The best part for all children was making their own clocks.

French reading in Year 1 Oak

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What an amazing coding workshop we had this week by Amazon. The children loved it. I can see plenty of future programmers in Oak class!

Oak class have had real fun writing riddles for our riddle jars and then solving each other’s riddles.

Our phonics workshops are going great. There is one more to go. The children are doing great in phonics.

We have started our geography topic of Our World and the children have been introduced to the atlas

Merry Christmas to all of you

Gym: We are all excited to learn a new dance for Christmas and our Nativity practices are in full swing.

Science: Learning about carnivores,herbivores and omnivores - here they are sorting the animal pictures . It generated a lot of discussion and we even had to find out the diet of some animals from the internet. Did you know that some turtles are carnivores and some are strictly vegetarian?

We had a splendid and interactive workshop by a police officer

On Thursday we learnt how to make a smoothie by moving the pedals of a special bike!

Year 1 children browsing in the Book Bus

Year 1 working in groups

Year 1 students singing in French

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In R.E we are exploring Hinduism. It was delightful to see some children eager to share their practices with us.

We have been learning number bonds, painting our Picasso style portraits and reading regularly . . .

Rayners Lane models . . .