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My Roll of Excellence this weeks goes to . . .

. . . all pupils in KS 2 who represented successfully the House of Kings during Sports Day Competitions.


During Healthy Lifestyle week,  pupils have learnt about the benefits of meditation and designed travel pledges. In Maths we are revising all concepts studied this year and in English pupils are rewriting their best pieces of writing for their Journey to success folder.

We learned about the benefits of meditation and designed travel pledges. We revised concepts studied this year in Maths and in English pupils are rewriting their best pieces of writing for their Journey to success folder.

Enjoying our trip to St Albans Cathedral . . . learning about the Roman Army and comparing a roman soldier with a celt warrior.

Sporting Champions - well done Year 3 Cedar . . .

English: creating Shape and Acrostic poems. Maths: investigating different units of measure for length and converting money from pounds to pence. Crossover links week: working with children from Reception Ash learning about oceans (maps, sea plants and creatures).

A selection of pupils from Junior School attended a workshop at the Royal Albert Hall . . .

In Science we set up a test to investigate how things move on different surfaces.

RE: Easter Workshops. English: Mythical creatures - creating and describing monsters. Maths: Solving problems involving the duration of events.

Myths and Legends : Acting out the myth of Perseus and the Gorgans . . .

English: Compared "How to train your dragon" book with the movie and we wrote the book summary. Maths: Looked at word problems involving fractions. Science: Learned about the human skeleton.

Newton Farm Bake Off - measure, compare and subtract mass. Maths - looking at fractions of shapes. English - applying grammar skills when writing a set of instructions/diary entry.

English: We have been investigating a crime which led to writing a newspaper report. Maths: We were learning to read, write and solve challenges involving time. Science: We used the results to conclude our investigation related to water transportation in a plant.

Maths: Learning to estimate and then measure the length of different objects using rulers and metre sticks.

English: Pupils wrote a description about how Hiccup climbed the mountain. Art: Pupils used paint to create their Stone Age Caves. Maths: Pupils solved word problems involving division.

Comparing the book and the movie "Charlotte's web", creating a book review, planning a friendship story, solving multiplication problems and painting Stone Age cave paintings.

In Geography pupils researched the main cities of UK using atlases. . .

Newspaper report about our class trip to The Chiltern Open Air Museum and reflections about what they've learnt so far about Cave Paintings in Art.

Chiltern Open Air Museum trip - Interesting and challenging workshops about the life in Mesolithic and in the Iron Age times . . .

Well done Y3 Cedar for the effort you put in for your Diwali performance . . .

Learning about fossils\fossilisation process and recounting\reading\discussing "Charlotte's Web"

Year 3 Cedar Newsround 18.10.2018_WMV V9.wmv

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Enjoying practising the harmonium

Enjoying a P4C lesson . . .

A great start for Year 3 Cedar . . .