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Roll of Excellence:


My Roll of Excellence this week goes to:

Aksharan and Racshan for being excellent role models

Alexia and Kisha for being extremely helpful

The whole of year 5 for their reciprocity and resilience throughout the year.


This week we were given maps of London. The children were asked to look at the map, identify features from the key and explain why the west of London had more open space than the centre and east of London. They used their reciprocity to detected the information.


Debating and Exercising . . .

Winter's Tale - Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsing for A Winter's Tale

Class trip to London Zoo and outside drama rehearsals

Winter's Tale - progressing with rehearsals

Winters Tale - opening scene rehearsal

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Working on the Innovation Project

Newsround Part 1

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Newsround Part 2

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Rehearsals for The Winter's Tale are underway with the help of Mr Stevenson from Primary Shakespeare Company.

This week Year 5 have been investigating shapes, both 2D and 3D. They have been conducting their own investigations on why we use particular shapes in school.

This week the children have become mini scientist working on several projects in small groups and independently. We have continued our experiment of growing cress in the class and learnt the skills needed to become and astronaut and travel to space.

Year 5 have been looking at The Winter's Tale recognising the main themes, linking their learning and demonstrating understanding.

Y5 Trip to the Chelsea Physic Garden

Y5 Science - Circuits & Police Visit

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